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social influence a level psychology

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Define conformity,
Define yielding,
Who proposed the 3 types of confo...
13  cards
asch's research
When did asch do his study,
What variables did asch investiga...,
What were asch s findings in term...
12  cards
conformity to social roles: zimbardo's study
What year was the stanford prison...,
Where did the stanford prison exp...,
How many groups were participants...
12  cards
obedience: milgram's study
Define obedience,
Why did milgram want to carry out...,
When did milgram carry out his study
13  cards
obedience: situational variables on milgrams study
What were the 3 situational varia...,
What was the obedience rate when ...,
What was the obedience rate when ...
10  cards
obedience situational explanations: agentic state
Define agentic state,
Define autonomous state,
Explain agentic shift and why it ...
5  cards
obbedience: situational explainations(legitimacy of authority)
Define legitimate authority,
Explain how people come to have l...,
How was destructive authority use...
4  cards
obedience: dispositional explaination
Explain where adorno thought our ...,
Define dispositional factor,
Why did adorno do his research
9  cards
explainations of resistance to social influence
Define resistance to social influ...,
What are the 2 explanations of re...,
How does social support help peop...
11  cards
minority influence
Define minority influence,
What type of conformity does mino...,
What are the 3 main processes in ...
12  cards
social change
What are the 6 steps to creating ...,
Define social cryptomnesia,
Define social change
4  cards

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social influence a level psychology

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