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Intro to social psych
Social psychology is,
Social influences shape,
Relating to others is a
25  cards
The self in a social world
Feeling like everyone is noticing...,
What are self schemas,
We use _________ to evaluate our ...
19  cards
Social Beliefs
What are the two systems we use t...,
Attempting to influence judgement...,
Automatic processing uses
29  cards
Attitude is,
A conflict in attitude and action is,
Our attitudes do predict our beha...
22  cards
Persuasion is,
What are the two routes of persua...,
Which route of persuasion is uses...
61  cards
What is conformity,
Influence that produces conformit...,
Influence that produces conformit...
16  cards
Group Influence
What is a group,
How does social facilitation work,
Why does the presence of others c...
15  cards
When the pimp s in the crib ma,
Why do people help,
What did batson et al 1983 do in ...
12  cards
Name and define the two types of ...,
What was the actual outcome of ad...,
What are some factors that can in...
14  cards
(Fatal) Attraction
What factors are related to attra...,
Explain the romantic red effect,
What were the independent and dep...
20  cards
Sources of prejudice
Prejudice is,
Clark and clark found what,
Beliefs that certain attributes a...
26  cards
Consequences of Prejudice
Being a member of a stigmatized g...,
When people from stereotyped grou...,
Stereotype threats are
11  cards
Final Exam Prep Questions from Textbook
One of the central ideas of socia...,
Given that social thinking social...,
One reason you may not study so h...
92  cards

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