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Lecture 1
What are the 3 phases of an engin...,
What is software engineering,
What are the aspects of software ...
31  cards
Lecture 2: Software Process Models
Building vs growing,
Steps of code and fix model,
What are the drawbacks of code an...
21  cards
Chapter 3: Agile Software Development
What is plan driver development,
Why plan driven doesn t work,
Main characteristics of agile dev...
8  cards
Chapter 3: Agile - Extreme programming
Main elements of xp,
Key practices of xp,
What is pair programming
6  cards
Chapter 3: XP and Scrum
What are the main components of a...,
What is refactoring,
What is refactoring
14  cards
Chapter 4 : software Planning
What are the components of a user...,
What is the invest checklist for ...
9  cards
Chapter 4: Velocity and estimation of duration
What is velocity,
Estimation scale for different ac...,
About proritizing
4  cards
Devops overview
What are the two main people in d...,
What is the goal motication of de...
6  cards
What is requirements engineering,
What are the 3 phases of requirem...,
What is a software requirement
19  cards
Requirement use cases
Use case modeling,
What is a use case diagram,
What are the components of the us...
17  cards
Project Planning
What is project planning,
Three stages of project planning,
What are the acti
26  cards
Estimation techniques
What are the two main types of es...,
What are experience based modelin...,
What is algorightimic cost modeli...
20  cards
Architecture and Design
What is software architecture,
What is the small level or archit...,
What is the large level of archit...
18  cards
Class Diagram
What are the two families of soft...,
What is a class diagram,
What are the main symbols shows i...
13  cards
Design Patters
Why should we use design patterns,
What is model view controller,
What is problem description
20  cards
Implementation and Quality Assurance
What is software quality,
What is software quality assuranc...,
Verifications vs validation
22  cards
Coding design
What is implementation,
Three ways of managing the implem...,
What are the 4 key implementation...
9  cards
Release Engineering and Release Principles
What are the 3 steps of the relea...,
What is a build system,
The two steps of a makefile
9  cards

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