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Decks in this class (23)

Lesson 1: Basic Conversation*
1  cards
Lesson 1&3: Countries and Nationalities
17  cards
Lesson 1: Time
Que hora es translation,
Telling time una,
Telling time
30  cards
Lesson 1-2: Number practice*
1  cards
Lesson 2: Interrogative Words
Where to,
Which which ones
12  cards
Lesson 2: Prepositions and Adverbs
Al lado de,
A la derecha de,
A la izquierda de
16  cards
Lesson 4: Stem-changing verbs
To have lunch,
Almorzar stem change,
To close
44  cards
Lesson 1-4 Irregular Verbs
Ser conjugations,
26  cards
Lesson 1-4: Expressions with Verbs*
1  cards
Spanish Speaking Midterm
Cual es tu pasatiempo favorito y ...,
Que quieres hacer despues de los ...,
Prefieres practicar deportes o ve...
27  cards
625 Words to Know in your Target Language
0  cards
Lesson 5: Adjectives
Abierto a,
Aburrido a,
23  cards
Lesson 5: Weather, seasons, and months
34  cards
Lesson 5: Trips and vacations
To camp,
To confirm a reservation,
To be on vacation
29  cards
Lesson 6: Clothes
The coat,
The jeans,
La blusa
31  cards
Lesson 6: Go Shopping
The cash register,
The department store,
The shopping mall
16  cards
Lesson 6: Verbs
To drive,
To know be acquainted with,
To give
15  cards
Lesson 6: Adjectives
13  cards
Lesson 6: Preterite Words
To have just done something,
Last night,
The day before yesterday
14  cards
Lesson 6: Reflexive Verbs
To remember,
To go to bed,
To shave
28  cards
Lesson 6: Sequence Words
Afterwards then,
7  cards
Lesson 6: Undefined and Negative Words
Something anything,
Someone somebody anyone,
Some any
13  cards
Lesson 6: In the Bathroom
The bathroom,
The shampoo,
The conditioner
15  cards

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