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AR Verbs
To fix tidy,
To rent,
To save
157  cards
ER verbs
To travel r,
To saw,
Should be ing
28  cards
IR verbs
To join or gather,
To deliver
33  cards
present subjunctive
Ps of empezar,
Ps of estar,
Ps of dar
8  cards
Past preterite
Pret of leer and creer caerse hui...,
Pret of estar,
Pret of poder
24  cards
Ser-estar meanings
Ser abierto,
Estar abierto,
Ser aburrido
38  cards
list of verbs
To quarrel,
To queue,
To reach
99  cards
Gustar Test
We like spanish food,
Marta likes fish,
I like tapas
22  cards
Preposition after to arrive,
To be early late,
Still 2
99  cards
2016 - Recursos
To be able to 2,
Same 2
75  cards
2016 Test
To a great extent,
He received bad injuries
30  cards
mocks 2016
Suitable 3,
A can tin
36  cards
2015 aprender inglés
Learning noun,
The foreigner
48  cards
2014 HL hamburguesa
To grow fruit veg,
To grow person,
The beginning
64  cards
Gym Feeling Vocab List
To be a member 2
78  cards
Freckle=peca page
Birth mark
40  cards
When traveling,
When eating,
When working
74  cards
Synonymous of empezar and comenzar,
Synonymous of terminar and acabar,
Synonymous of pedir
148  cards
Acción 1 vocab
Habit 2
57  cards
Acción 2 vocab
Weather forecast,
Climate 2,
To rain
45  cards
General Oral
Because i can hardly walk,
I fell when i was playing football
37  cards
Hard Words
At the end of june,
I liked,
It was one hour from la
164  cards
General Opinion
I agree totally,
I partially agree,
I don t agree at all
210  cards
Opinion: Young People and Alcohol
Young people,
55  cards
Opinion: no hay vida sin trabajo
Temporary contracts,
Permanent job,
Part time job
28  cards
Opinion : Es Importante Hacer Deporte
To do sport 2,
Sport adj,
20  cards
Eating opinion
Food 2,
Eating habits,
Eating disorders
16  cards
Opinion : Why Travel?
Rich money,
To enrich oneself or to get money,
To know someone
57  cards
pronombres indefinidos
10  cards
Diary Entry
Dear diary,
Hello it s me,
I m writing this before i go to bed
26  cards
I leave you this message because,
Because something unexpected 2 ha...,
Juan called when you were away
16  cards
Junior cert adjectives
22  cards
el tiempo (junior cert)
29  cards
Examen oral (1)
I measurecm
100  cards
2012 HL RCs
To undertake,
56  cards
Oral topic: pasatiempos
Im crazy about football,
Ive played gaa since i was very y...,
Since i was 4 years old
21  cards
Vocab for subjunctive test
Subjunctive of coger,
To stop doing something
58  cards
Opinion: Acoso Cibernético
A constant situation of violence,
49  cards
Mock 2014: Ciberacoso
To fight,
To stick
60  cards
Oral topic: Tareas domésticas
The truth is i help at home,
But i could help more,
I dont mind except i dont have mu...
33  cards
Opinion: Los Jóvenes
Young people,
Positive aspects,
We are the children of developmen...
51  cards
2011: plastic bottles
To treat,
To try to do something 2
55  cards
Oral topic: España
I have been to spain many times,
But i keep a special memory of th...,
At the start of august i went to ...
32  cards
2019 mock, spending
To become addicted to,
To be addicted to
50  cards
Oral topic: Presentación
My name is,
Mi surname is,
I was born in the year two thousa...
17  cards
Oral topic: Instituto
Before i studied in a school in m...,
I changed because,
I didnt like the teachers
36  cards
Oral topic: Mi Antiguo Colegio
It was called,
It was in my village,
10 minutes walk
16  cards
Oral Topic: Asignaturas
This year i am studying 8 subjects,
Applied maths
32  cards
Roleplay 1: La Playa
I am sorry to bother you,
But i have hurt my foot
27  cards
Roleplay 2: El curso
Hello my name is and i am calling...,
I had booked a place for an inten...,
My registration number is j e 1 4 7
22  cards
Oral: pasatiempo 2 - Música
I love to play the saxophone,
I have only spend 6 months playin...,
I find it super fun
11  cards
Oral topic: El verano pasdo
At the start of june when my sist...,
To learn and improve my irish,
I stayed there for 3 weeks with a...
23  cards
Oral topic: el próximo verano
At the start of june i will retur...,
But this year i will stay with an...,
I will go to class from 9 to 12 30
18  cards
Oral topic: la vida diaria
From monday to friday,
I get up very early,
I get up at 10 to 6
36  cards
Oral Topic: Mi Familia
There are 4 in my family,
My parents my older sister and me,
I like being the youngest
30  cards
Oral topic: mascotas
We dont have any pets and have never,
I would love a pet especially a dog,
I love themmy favourite breed is ...
6  cards
Oral topic: Pueblo
I live in the town of donabate si...,
It is in the north of dublin on t...,
It is 25 minutes on train to the ...
23  cards
Presente - Práctica 1-4
To hoover 2,
To iron,
To water the plants
19  cards
Extra Vocab 4/09/19
To threaten,
To be threatened
16  cards
Leaving Cert Exam 2019 Begoña Vocab
To start crying,
To give up 2,
To think about
45  cards
Transcripción Leaving cert 2019
For the moment,
Is more and more popular,
Has been living
23  cards
Car 2,
To hide 2,
10  cards
Presente práctica I,II,III,IV
I hoover 2,
To iron,
To water plants
23  cards
Zoo opinion mistakes
Good memories,
Lockin in adjective,
It is a very controversial topic
25  cards
Oral Topic: Presentación 2.0
Mi parents gave me the name emer ...,
It is spelt,
I was born in 2002
18  cards
Opinion: Los animales son nuestra responsabilidad
The animals have a function in th...,
The animals and people interrelat...,
40 of animal species are in dange...
16  cards
Opinion vocab: Los animales
The animal kingdom,
The vegetable kingdom
47  cards
Opinion solutions
To make people aware x3,
To educate from young,
To teach good value habits
21  cards
Ropa y complementos
To dress,
To put on,
To try on
56  cards
Las partes del cuerpo
Back part of the neck
63  cards
Roleplay 3: El Hotel
I have just arrived and there has...,
I booked a room with a balcony an...,
It was me
11  cards
Roleplay 4: El tren
Explain you are very sorry that y...,
Explain that you didnt have time ...,
Say that you had no idea of cheat...
9  cards
Roleplay 5: Las Islas Cies
Say that your friends are not here,
Explain that while they were on t...,
Say that you had arranged to meet...
10  cards
6th Year, Week 1-8; mistakes
To argue,
To still be,
They are still in spain
109  cards
Feelings = Sentimientos
To be happy 4,
To be sad,
To be tired
60  cards
Opinion: La discriminación laboral entre hombres y mujeres
It is not fair that there is ineq...,
In spite of the achievements gotten,
There is still a way to go
32  cards
Lack of sport vocab page
Its unbelievable 2,
Its worrying 2,
To keep up to date
13  cards
El mundo está mejor que nunca. Vocab.
By this point,
The great famine,
22  cards
Vocabulario importante 1 (not ropa or body parts)
170  cards
Oral Topic: Los Fines de Semana
On fridays after class i stay in ...,
At 8 i go to band practice in don...,
The practice lasts an hour
19  cards
Oral Topic: El Verano Pasado 2019
At the end of july i worked as a ...,
Because i love animals and i feel...,
I had to clean the cages
30  cards
Oral Topic: Amigos
I have many friend in school on m...,
But normally we are a group of 7 ...,
Most of us know each other for ma...
16  cards
Oral topic: Casa
I live in the same house since i ...,
It is in a quiet estate in the ou...,
It is a semi detached modern brig...
16  cards
Oral Topic: Música
I like music especially soft rock...,
I listen to it on the way to scho...,
Because it relaxes me and it help...
15  cards
Mock papers vocab: December 2019
The other way around vice versa 2,
To provide contribute,
To a great extent
150  cards
Vocab test 06/01/20
To give a hug 2,
To get close to 2,
To distance from
63  cards
LC 2017
Procendente de,
23  cards
Opinion vocab
Promising 2,
The media,
A place college
62  cards
More mistakes
We should be happy satisfied 2,
Hacer 2,
47  cards
Vocabulario 15/01/20
To go to 2,
To become interested in,
To look out for
106  cards
Vocabulario aparecido en exámenes anteriores
When it comes to,
66  cards
Oral topic: Yoga
I am an active person and i love ...,
I play gaa i run and i do yoga,
I started to do yoga 1 year ago a...
7  cards
Oral topic: España - Irlanda
The spanish are similar to the ir...,
Although they speak very quickly ...,
I love the weather in spain
21  cards
Oral topic: La tele
I rarely watch television because...,
Honestly i love it,
It is a service that offers a gre...
10  cards
Oral topic: Internet
I connect to the net everyday but...,
I use it for a couple of hours ev...,
To study i download an app called...
6  cards
Oral topic: Navidad
I had a fortnight of holidays,
We exchange gifts on christmas day,
And we have dinner in our house w...
5  cards
Opinion: Hoy los jóvenes prestan más atención a su salud
We are more conscious of what we ...,
Organic food,
Vegetarian restaurants
14  cards
Oral Topic: El cuarto curso
I liked that year a lot because i...,
In a hospital in a shop in a rest...,
Working in the hospital helped me...
3  cards
Oral topic: El próximo verano
When i finish the leaving cert at...,
Because it is a tradition and to ...,
We are going to a town called fue...
15  cards
Oral topic: la lectura
I like to read but this year i ba...,
Only a short while at night in be...,
I prefer novels or autobiographie...
10  cards
Oral topic: El cine
Honestly i like going to the cine...,
If not i think its a waste of mon...,
I dont go a lot maybe 4 times a year
7  cards
Oral topic: Universidad
If i got 729 points in the leavin...,
I would love to be a doctor becau...,
Furthermore my mother is a doctor...
10  cards
Oral topic: Comida
Since one year ago i dont eat meat,
I stopped eating it because i wor...,
Furthermore i wanted to eat healt...
7  cards
Words I Had To Look Up
In the past 2,
It is said
10  cards
February 2020
I will meet up with you 3,
To declare to state to express
280  cards
61  cards
Violencia vocab
Police sources,
To beat up,
To kick
44  cards
Vocabulario La Casa
El hogar,
La planta baja,
El primer piso
135  cards
Vocabulario Los Alimentos
Un pincho una tapa,
Una racion de,
Las navajas
193  cards
Vocabulario De Compras
Atender a los clientes
90  cards
Las nuevas tecnologías
Broad band,
Instant message,
19  cards
110  cards
Vocabulario de Transporte
To fasten your seat belt,
137  cards
Vocabulario de la salud
To be healthy,
To be in good health,
To be sick
63  cards
Vocabulario de materiales
48  cards

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