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Good morning,
Y tu,
36  cards
56  cards
21  cards
Days of the Week
10  cards
South American Geography
19  cards
People & Professions Vocabulary
La mujer,
La mujer,
El doctor
29  cards
English Grammar Terms
First person is the person talkin...,
More than one
24  cards
Spanish pronouns Vocabulary
You all
18  cards
Choosing Pronouns Practice
Talking to a friend,
Talking to an adult,
21  cards
Formal vs. informal You (Tú vs. Ud.)
Your mom,
Your new friend s mom,
The server at a restaurant
13  cards
Conjugating the Verb Ser
She is,
Pablo es,
Tu y marta son or tu y marta sois
34  cards
Using Ser for Saying Where Someone's from
Y all are from venezuela,
She and you are from santiago,
The boys are from venezuela
52  cards
Using Ser to Say Professions
You inf and i are teachers,
El es policia,
They are police officers
54  cards
physical descriptions vocaulary
Moreno morena morenos morenas,
Good looking,
Fuerte fuertes
44  cards
physical descriptions with 'ser' in sentences
Homer simpson and peter griffen a...,
Marco y yo somos bajos y rubios,
Paola is redheaded and skinny
34  cards
clothing vocab
The shoe,
La ropa
33  cards
colors vocab
13  cards
describing clothing
Some oranges socks,
Los calcetines amarillos,
The red jeans
56  cards
Personality Descriptions
Interesante interesantes,
Simpatico simpatica simpaticos si...
24  cards
Family Member Vocabulary
The sons or the sons and daughter...,
The father
37  cards
Possession using 'de'
Santiagos socks,
Ricardos cousins,
Los zapatos de juan
18  cards
Possesive Adjectives
Her friends,
Su madre,
Mi shoes
50  cards
Numbers 11 - 100
Cuarenta y dos,
80  cards
Mi tio tiene treinta y cuatro anos,
My sister is 14 years old,
I am fifteen years old
26  cards
Dates and Birthdays
El cumpleanos de mi hermana es el...,
Mi cumpleanos es el dieciseis de ...,
El cumpleanos de andrea es el vei...
63  cards

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