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Reading 1
Covers law terminology and citations.
12  cards
Reading 2
Covers basic federal definitions.
28  cards
Reading 3
Covers adulteration and misbranding, compounding rules, and medical devices.
17  cards
Reading 4
Covers scope of practice, federal prescription label requirements, NDCs, and agency law.
26  cards
Reading 5
Covers the PPA, patient labeling, and USP.
15  cards
Reading 6
Covers the PDMA, Federal Anti-Tampering Act, and DSHEA.
15  cards
Reading 7
Covers pregnancy categories, inspections, generic equivalency, the NDA process, and REMS.
33  cards
Reading 8
Covers scheduling factors, manufacturer labeling of controlled substances, and the DEA's role.
21  cards
Reading 9
Covers DEA registration.
29  cards
Reading 10
Covers CSA security, records and reports, controlled substance ordering rules, and inventories.
69  cards
Reading 11
Covers the definition of prescription, prescription issuance red flags, corresponding responsibility, correcting prescriptions, prescription requirements, and persons entitled to fill prescriptions.
17  cards
Reading 12
Covers prescription requirements, refills, partial fills, emergency prescriptions, central fill pharmacies, and prescription labeling.
39  cards
Reading 13
Covers faxing rules, transfers, addiction treatment, distribution by a dispenser to another practitioner, destruction and disposal, and theft/significant loss.
27  cards
Controlled Substances: Generic, Brand Name, Schedule, and ROA
Klonopin generic name,
Tylenol 3 generic name,
Robitussin ac generic name
90  cards
Reading 14
How would you cite a law found in...,
How would you cite a rule found i...,
Where is the regulation of food d...
43  cards
Reading 15
Where in the indiana code are hea...,
According to ic 25 1 9 2 practiti...,
Ic 25 05 11 lists ___ boards or c...
54  cards
Reading 16
True or false if a prescriber has...,
What information must be included...,
According to ic 16 42 19 7 what m...
25  cards
Reading 17/18
If we,
What duties are included in the p...,
What is the indiana board of phar...
71  cards
Reading 19/20
Ic 25 26 13 185 states that pharm...,
How does 856 iac 1 11 6 define ph...
53  cards
Reading 21
What is a central repository more...,
What is the indiana pdmp called,
What non controlled substances mu...
32  cards

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