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Statistics primer
What happens when we compare larg...,
What is the value of p dependant on,
What p value is used as the standard
12  cards
What is probability,
What is the alternative view of p...,
Discrete random variable
14  cards
What is equal probability samplin...,
What is simple random sampling
13  cards
Research Methods
What is an experiment,
What is applied research,
What is fundamental research
32  cards
Sampling bias,
Research bias,
Types of bias in research
27  cards
Research Types
What is experimental design,
Process to implement scientific r...,
What is a true experiment
28  cards
Types of distribution
What is poisson distribution,
What are the assumptions required...,
What is uniform distribution
11  cards
What are statistics,
What are frequentist statistics,
What is positive skewness
10  cards
Central Tendency and Variation
What does central tendency imply,
What does the optimal procedure f...,
What is mode
11  cards
What is exponential distribution,
What is poisson point process,
When can a variable be said to ha...
12  cards
Normal distribution
What is standard normal distribution,
What is the density function for ...,
How to convert normal distributio...
4  cards
Z tests
Null hypothesis,
Alternative hypothesis,
Which hypothesis do we accept reject
20  cards
Descriptive Stats
What are measures of central tend...,
Disadvantages of mode
52  cards
Graphical representation of data
What is a histogram,
What is a line chart,
Advantages of graphical represent...
17  cards
T tests
0  cards
What is anova,
Multiple t test vs one way anova,
Increase of type 1 error
40  cards
Repeated measures ANOVA
If sphericity is not satisfied,
Mauchly s test estimates,
Sphericity implies
15  cards
What is correlation,
Correlation analysis,
Positive correlation
13  cards
Non parametric tests
Shapiro wilk test,
The bigger thestatistic,
Remedies for when criterias for p...
8  cards
Regression modelling steps,
Regression model is used to,
A low correlation coefficient
10  cards

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