stuart britain, 1625-1701

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Charles I: Relationship with Parliament
How was charles relationship with...,
Why did charles call the 1625 plmt,
What actions did the commons init...
19  cards
Charles I: Religious Policy
How did charles break the jacobet...,
How did charles marriage impact h...,
How did charles respond to critic...
6  cards
Charles I: Finance
What did charles initially want f...,
What did the 1625 plmt grant charles,
What did the 1626 plmt grant charles
11  cards
Charles I: Foreign Policy
How was england prepared for war ...,
How was the land campaign to rega...,
What was the objective of the cad...
9  cards
Charles I: Court and Character
Sharpe on charles character,
What were heavy impacts on his ch...,
How did charles differ in his rul...
8  cards
Personal Rule: Imposition of Laudianism in England
When was laud made archbishop of ...,
What beliefs did laudians hold,
What was the beauty of holiness
11  cards
Personal Rule: Puritan Support and Opposition
What beliefs did puritans hold,
Which two groups did the reforms ...,
What was the challenge of st greg...
10  cards
Personal Rule: Imposition of Laudianism in Scotland
What did charles and laud aim to ...,
What bill in 1625 united landowne...,
What proclamation did charles iss...
7  cards
Personal Rule: Finance
What was the debt at the start of...,
When did charles end his military...,
How did the lord treasurer attemp...
14  cards
Personal Rule: Courts
How did the political influence o...,
How did charles centralise govt g...,
What were the high commission and...
3  cards
Multi-Kingdom Crisis 1637-42: Opposition across the realm and SP
How did charles cause the scottis...,
When did opposition first become ...,
What did charles refusal to grant...
23  cards
LP: Early Actions and Growing Divisions
Why was the lp called,
What were the grievances of mps g...,
What early attempts at cooperatio...
24  cards
LP: Ireland, Scotland and the Buildup to War
How did royalist support manifest...,
Why did charles travel to scotlan...,
What was the incident and its con...
17  cards
CWI: Scotland, Ireland and England
How did the covenanters consolida...,
How did the covenanters contribut...,
How did sides form in ireland at ...
17  cards
CWI: Factors owing to Parliamentary victory
What strengths did the royalists ...,
How were the royalist armies diso...,
How was the poor royalist leaders...
12  cards
CW2: Divisions between Parliament and NMA
How was plmt divided by the end o...,
How did the pps initially have th...,
How did charles seek to exploit d...
13  cards
CW2: Scotland and England
How did charles formalise an agre...,
How did the engagement make cwii ...,
How religiously devoted was the nma
6  cards
CW2: Social Divisions and Settlement
How were the levellers formed,
What were the negative connotatio...,
How did the levellers exercise po...
11  cards
CW2: Religious Radicalism
Who were the diggers true levellers,
Who were the baptists,
Who were the quakers
6  cards
CW2: Failure to secure Settlement and Regicide
What did fears of the radical nma...,
How did charles stalling over the...,
What did the nma aim to get from ...
7  cards
Consolidation of the Republic: Scotland, Ireland and England
How did the establishment of the ...,
Why was the initial regime conser...,
When was the republic established...
13  cards
Republic: Political Divisions
What was the dutch war,
What were the problems facing the...,
How was the rump divided at the s...
12  cards
Republic: Instrument and First Protectorate Parliament
How did the instrument of govt co...,
What were the key points of instr...,
What power did lp have
8  cards
Republic: Rule of MGs, Second Protectorate Parliament and Humble Petition
How did cromwell rely on the mgs ...,
How was the rule delegated to the...,
What kind of rule did the mgs ins...
14  cards
Interregnum 1649-1659
What lead to the creation of the ...,
What did the rump abolish in febr...,
Why was the abolition of the mona...
60  cards
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver cromwell was a,
Was a successful general of the,
When charles i was executed
27  cards

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