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Scientific Revolution
What was the scientific revolution,
What were the causes of the scien...,
How did the renaissance scholars ...
5  cards
The Enlightenment
What was the enlightenment,
What were the causes of the enlig...,
What were the major ideas of the ...
5  cards
The Industrial Revolution
0  cards
Science ( Making use of Electricity (8.6 only) )
All electrical appliances are ___...,
A hair dryer converts _______ ene...,
True or false1 mains electricity ...
21  cards
Science ( Common acids and alkalis (all chapters) )
1 acids have a ____ taste2 alkali...,
Which of the following contain ac...
28  cards
Science (Ch 10, 10.1-10.2)
Stimulus detected by ____ sends m...,
Sense organ senseeyes,
Humans have ________ in different...
3  cards
Geography (Are we living in a hostile world?)
What are natural events,
What are natural events,
What are natural disasters
8  cards
Geography (How can we describe the relief of a place?)
What is relief,
How can we show relief on a map,
How can we describe the steepness...
5  cards
Geography (What are the causes and effects of landslides?)
What and when do landslides occur,
In hk natural terrain covers abou...,
Explain how landslides affect us
10  cards
Geography (Chapter 4)
What is weather,
What is climate,
Name 6 elements of weather and ex...
3  cards
Biology (Chapter 1)
Biology is the study of ________b...,
Name 8 branches of biology,
State the description of the foll...
15  cards
Biology Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are organic substan...,
What is the h o ratio of carbohyd...,
What are the 3 groups of carbohyd...
18  cards
Biology (Lipids)
What are lipids made up of,
What is the h o ratio of a lipid,
What are the properties of lipids
10  cards
Biology (Proteins)
Proteins are made up of what,
What does our body do with excess...,
Amino acids are the _______ block...
14  cards
Biology (Minerals)
Minerals are ______ food subtance...,
Minerals provide no _____ valuemi...,
Name 2 minerals
9  cards
Biology 5.2
What does a balanced diet consist of,
How can we stay healthy,
What is the purpose of the food p...
16  cards
Biology (Cells)
The chemical constituents of orga...,
What are the functions of nitrate...,
What are the functions of magnesi...
32  cards
Physics (Measuring temperature)
Temperature is a measure of what,
What properties do temperature ma...,
A ________ is an instrument to me...
16  cards
Physics (Ch2.1)
What are the molecular arrangemen...,
What is the molecular movement of...,
13  cards
Physics (Ch3.1-3.2)
What is the formula of power,
What is the unit of power,
Why are joules not used to measur...
16  cards
Physics (Experiments)
Suggest an experiment to measure ...,
State two possible sources of err...,
State ways to improve the experim...
3  cards
How long was world war 1 and wher...,
What were the causes of world war 1,
Who were involved in the first wo...
21  cards
What is the conduct of laboratory...,
State all the general practice in...,
State all the rules in handling c...
3  cards
Geography S3
1  cards
Chem Unit 5😔
What is an element a compound is ...,
State at room temperature and pre...,
Melting point and boiling point o...
14  cards
Chem Unit 6😭
How are elements arranged in the ...,
Electron arrangement what is a pe...,
Electron arrangement what is a group
12  cards
1 rock is usually a mixture of __...,
Most metals are too ___ to exist ...,
What are some ways of extracting ...
10  cards
Biology 3.1 3.2
Cell membrane is ___ in all livin...,
What are the properties of phosph...,
What are the properties of protei...
13  cards
History F3 2nd term ut
The first moroccan crisis 1905 06...,
What was the attitude of the cart...,
The second moroccan crisis 1911 f...
8  cards

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