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Science Plant Reproduction Unit
What is asexual reproduction,
What happens in sexual reproduction
25  cards
Science Mixtures Unit
What is suspension,
What is a solution,
What is a pure substance and how ...
19  cards
Science Light Unit
Lght can pass through transparent...,
Light can be bounced off opaque m...,
Light can be taken into some mate...
17  cards
Science - Nutrients Unit
Give me examples of carbohydrates,
Give me examples of fats,
Give me examples of protein
33  cards
Science - Digestion
What is the function of teeth,
What is the function of tongue,
What is the function of salivary ...
19  cards
Science - Absorption
What happens to starch molecules ...,
Tell me the process of respiration,
Why do particles all spread out e...
5  cards
Science - States of matter
What are the 3 states of matter,
Tell me the properties of a solid,
Tell me the properties of a liquid
37  cards
Science - Metals Unit
List me 5 metals and their uses,
Define flexible,
Define shiny
26  cards
Science - Breathing & Respiration Unit
What is aerobic respiration,
Where do we get glucose from,
What is the equation for respiration
29  cards
French - Present Tense
List the 5 usages of present tens...,
Conjugate er verbs eg marcher je ...,
Conjugate ir verbs eg finir
7  cards
French - Reflexive Verbs
What are the the french reflexive...,
Conjugate se laver in reflexive,
Charlotte ___________ dans le mir...
7  cards
History - WW1 Unit
What were the long term causes of...,
Why was there competition between...,
What countries were in the triple...
16  cards
Science - Genetics Unit
Define discontinuous variation,
Define continuous variation,
Define variation
22  cards
Science - Natural Selection Unit
What is evolution,
What is darwin s thoery of natura...,
What are the 3 steps of natural s...
5  cards
Science - Adaptations Unit
Define the 3 types of adaptations,
What are some limiting factors fo...,
Define emigration
7  cards
Science - Energy Transfer Unit
What is the difference between te...,
What is the difference between te...,
The energy that is needed to incr...
23  cards
ICT - 1.1-2.3 Units
Define hardware software,
Define cpu,
Define memory
86  cards
Geography - Term 1 Units
What is a hic,
What is a mic,
What is a lic
48  cards
English Vocabulary
Define antagonist and put it in a...,
Define protagonist and put it in ...,
51  cards
Science - Space Unit
Name the 8 planets in order of di...,
Define a planet,
What is the hottest planet and why
21  cards
Geography EOT Units
What is aid,
What are the 3 types of aid,
Define the 3 types of aid
20  cards
English T2 Vocabulary
Define welfare state and put it i...,
Define provincial and put it in a...,
Define social status and put it i...
17  cards
Science - Forces & Movement
What are the two ways forces can ...,
What is a contact and a non conta...,
What does push or pull describe
32  cards
Geography - Coasts
What is the definition of a coast,
State 3 advantages and disadvanta...,
List 3 industries and give me the...
12  cards
Geography - Waves & Tides
What causes waves,
What are the 2 types of waves,
What is swash and backwash
6  cards
Math U.B & L.B
What rule do you use for adding t...,
What rule do you use for adding t...,
What rule do you use for subtract...
8  cards

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