study guide for testing to technical sergeant 1 oct 19 (afh 1)

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Chapter 2 - Air Force Heritage
The united states immediately foc...,
11 september 2001,
11 september 2001 injuries and ca...
39  cards
Chapter 3 - Air, Space, and Cyberpower
Airpower can be applied from with...,
Can be described as that region a...,
Can be described as that region a...
25  cards
Chapter 4 - Military Organization And Command
Located at miami florida oversees...,
Located at macdill air force base...,
Is located at offutt air force ba...
113  cards
Chapter 6 - Training And Education
Is a life cycle approach to devel...,
Are designed to leverage the deve...,
Is responsible for guiding enlist...
58  cards
Chapter 7 - Career Progression
There is a compelling need for of...,
As airmen demonstrate expertise a...,
Progression through the tiers cor...
48  cards
Chapter 8 - Assessments and Recognition
Is used during formal communicati...,
During feedback sessions raters w...,
Is designed to increase airmen in...
65  cards
Chapter 9 - Promotion Systems
The enlisted promotion system sup...,
Provides visible relatively stabl...,
Provides detailed information reg...
61  cards
Chapter 11 - Personnel Programs and Benefits
In 2000 the air force launched the,
Provides a single point of entry ...,
Support services are designed to ...
96  cards
Chapter 12 - Finance, Manpower, and Resources
Just like physical fitness is imp...,
Is the fundamental component of m...,
Determines the length of service ...
31  cards
Chapter 13 - Organizational Management
Are often driven by the way indiv...,
Provides collective strengths per...,
Ignore individual strengths and c...
76  cards
Chapter 14 - Leadership
Are separate topics in many respe...,
Is a person who leads or commands...,
Is a person responsible for contr...
75  cards
Chapter 15 - Communication
Provides the tools needed to clea...,
Communication can be broken into ...,
Is viewed as an emerging and extr...
39  cards
Chapter 16 - Critical Thinking and Innovation
For organizational change to be e...,
Stands for doctrine organization ...,
Is defined as a process that cons...
18  cards
Chapter 17 - Emergency Management
Every air force installation must...,
Three to five minute steady tone,
Three to five minute wavering tone
49  cards
Chapter 18 - Security
The purpose of __________________...,
Is a process of identifying analy...,
Provides decision makers with a m...
73  cards
Chapter 19 - Standards of Conduct
Is critical to national security ...,
Are necessary to meet the require...,
Air force publications
56  cards
Chapter 20 - Inspections and Military Standards
To ensure air force official info...,
According to afi 1 1 air force st...,
According to afi 1 1 air force st...
91  cards
Chapter 21 - Military Justice
Is authorized under article 15 un...,
Provides commanders with an essen...,
Besides the nature of any offense...
17  cards
Chapter 22 - Fitness and Readiness
Is a way of reducing initial and ...,
Aspects of coping with stress for...,
Stress reactions typically appear...
34  cards
Chapter 23 - Dress and Appearance
Are established to ensure every a...,
Hair standards,
Men s hair
31  cards
Chapter 24 - Military Customs and Courtesies
Are proven traditions deep rooted...,
Is an internationally recognized ...,
Is a code of traditional preceden...
118  cards
Chapter 25 - Professionalism
Primary responsibility is to do o...,
Professional obligation and status,
Is a broad encompassing framework...
59  cards

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