supervision of police personnel

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Supervision of Pol-Ch 1, The Supervisors Role
Authors of book,
Who wrote first edition of superv...,
Considered by many to be the bibl...
26  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 2, Supervisors Function in Organization, Adminstration and Management
Two or more persons associated in...,
____ and ___ must be provided so ...,
Major portion of the supervisors ...
58  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 3, Leadership,Supervision and Command Presence
Leadership may be defined as,
Leadership is the human factor that,
Park and kleemeier make the disti...
117  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 4,Training Function:Problems and Approaches
One of the principal duties of th...,
Theoretically job connected probl...,
John pfiffner observed the ___ __...
35  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 5, Instructional Process
Once teacher selects a subject in...,
Instructional objectives that are...,
Specific goals that are to be ach...
38  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 6, Interpersonal Comm
The most important single skill o...,
Husaman reports that the number o...,
Communications between persons an...
57  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 7, Principles of Interviewing
An interchange of views and ideas...,
Process of questioning with the i...,
Major functions of the interview
31  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 8, Psych Aspects of Superv
The wish for security based on fe...,
Satisfaction derived from _____ o...
48  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 9, Special Problems in Counseling
National commission on marijuana ...,
Alcohol dependence largest percen...,
Problem has become one of conside...
31  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 10, Employee Dissatisfaction and Grievances
Studies have consistently shown t...,
Physical factors in working envir...,
Poor supervisory practices accoun...
20  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 11, Discipline
Often thought of in a limited sen...,
Discipline main purpose,
One of the primary measures of th...
37  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 12, Personnel Complaint Investigaton Procedures and Tech
Of vital importance is whether th...,
Officers may be ordered to give s...,
O conner v ortega us supreme crt ...
8  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 13, Personnel Evaluation Systems
Studies have revealed that this i...,
Personnel rating systems are inhe...,
Causes of evaluation system failures
20  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch14, Performance Rating Standards and Methods
Rating standards,
Military used the technique of ra...,
Used effectively as criteria for ...
28  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 15, Distribution and Deployment of Field Forces
Assignments based on proportionat...,
Such weighting are admittedly sub...,
Street miles is a far more reliab...
10  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 16, Tactical Deployment of Field Forces
Basic procedures for unusual occu...,
One general framework for handlin...,
Ics incident command system
28  cards
Supervision of Pol-Ch 17, Conference Leading
An interchange of views between p...,
Members of a conference should be...,
Conferences consisting of persons...
35  cards

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supervision of police personnel

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