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Systemic Response to Injury
Protein signaling compounds that ...,
Cytokine induces muscle breakdown...,
Cytokine induces fever through pr...
80  cards
Breast is formed from,
Hormone breast duct development,
Hormone lobular development
15  cards
Can be ligated from the ivc secon...,
Most common cause of acute renal ...,
Dx modality that demonstrate ston...
30  cards
GI Surgery
First diagnostic test in patients...,
Can be used when patient complain...,
Diagnostic test for patients comp...
131  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 9 Fluids
Roughly ___ of the total body wei...,
2 3 of water weight is located wh...,
2 3 of extracellular water is loc...
77  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 10 Nutrition
Caloric need is approximately ___...,
Kcal g of fat protein oral carboh...,
How many g protein kg day is need...
87  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 11 Oncology
Most common ca in women,
Most common cause of ca related d...,
Most common ca in men
86  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 12 Transplant
Three most important hlas for rec...,
Abo blood compatibility required ...,
Crossmatch detects preformed reci...
77  cards
Fiser ABSITE CH. 13 Inflammation and Cytokines
Inflammation phases injury leads ...,
In inflammation platelets bind an...,
Play a dominant role in wound hea...
51  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 14 Wound Healing
What are the 3 wound healing phases,
What is the timeframe for the inf...,
What is the timeframe for the pro...
61  cards
Fiser ABSITE CH. 15 Trauma
1st peak for trauma deaths occur ...,
The 2nd peak in trauma deaths occ...,
The 3rd peak for trauma deaths oc...
219  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 16 Critical Care
What is the normal range for co,
What is the normal range for card...,
What is the normal range for syst...
112  cards
Surgery Rapid Fire Review
Elderly woman sbo and air in bili...,
Elderly woman with pain down inne...,
Abdominal pain hypotension and ab...
100  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 17 Burns
Name the degree of burn sunburn e...,
Name the degree of burn painful t...,
Name the degree of burn decreased...
70  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 18 Plastics, Skin, Soft Tissues
What is the main cell type in the...,
What is the origin of melanocytes,
What is the skin cell type that a...
88  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 19 Head and Neck
The anterior neck triangle contai...,
The posterior neck triangle conta...,
In the neck on what muscle does t...
110  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 20 Pituitary
What inhibits prolactin secretions,
What does the posterior pituitary...,
What nuclei in the hypothalamus p...
14  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 21 Adrenal
What inhibits prolactin secretions,
What does the posterior pituitary...,
What nuclei in the hypothalamus p...
65  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 22 Thyroid
What is the origin of the thyroid,
What is the blood supply of the t...,
What is the blood supply to the p...
80  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 23 Parathyroid
Where do the superior parathyroid...,
Where are the superior parathyroi...,
Where are the superior parathyroi...
26  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 24 Breast
What hormone duct development dou...,
What hormone lobular development,
What hormone synergizes estrogen ...
84  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 25 Thoracic
What is the position of the phren...,
What percentage of total lung vol...,
What percentage of quiet inspirat...
58  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 26 Cardiac
Right to left cardiac shunts caus...,
A shift from left to right shunt ...,
This condition if left untreated ...
37  cards
Surgery PEARLS
Stress induced hyperglycemia is p...,
Basal caloric requirement in mild...,
Basal caloric requirement in mode...
63  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 29 Esophagus
What are the layers of the esophagus,
What is the blood supply of the c...,
Which direction does the lymphati...
67  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 30 Stomach
What is the stomach transit time,
Where does peristalsis occur in t...,
What are the branches of the celi...
71  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 31 Liver
What is the 1 hepatic artery variant,
What variant of the left hepatic ...,
What is the most common variant o...
85  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 33 Pancreas
Uncinate process,
Pancreatic blood supply,
Acinar cells
47  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 34 Spleen
Uncinate process,
Pancreatic blood supply,
Acinar cells
47  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 35 Small Intestine
Function of small intestine large...,
Duodenum anatomy retroperitoneal ...,
Jejunum anatomy function
35  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 36-37 Colorectal/Anal
What embryologic layer does the g...,
In regards to for mid and hindgut...,
What is the distal rectum derived...
135  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 38 Abdominal Wall and Hernias
What forms the cremasteric muscles,
What forms the inguinal canal floor,
Where does the inguinal ligament ...
66  cards
Fiser ABSITE Ch. 32 Gallbladder
The gallbladder lies between thes...,
Cystic artery is a branch off of ...,
Name the boundaries of callot tri...
64  cards

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