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What is force,
What is mass,
What is volume
154  cards
Inflight Emergencies
N1 rolling backtorque rolling bac...,
N1 goodtorque rising np rolling back,
N1 goodtorque rising np rolling b...
15  cards
JX Weather (CBT)
Change of 10 inhg changes the alt...,
You change your altimeter setting...,
You change your altimeter setting...
209  cards
JX Weather (SG)
Weather should be studied and lea...,
With a pressure change of 10 inhg...,
If the air is colder than the sta...
109  cards
Basic Airspeed, Pitch, and Power
Rotate climb,
Enroute descent
20  cards
Maneuvers Airpseed, Pitch, and Power
G awareness,
Power on stalls,
Tp stalls
4  cards
Inflight Checks
Climb check,
Ops check,
Fence in
6  cards
T-6 Flying Status
Wing solo,
Pattern solo,
8  cards
Who has to approve an approach to...,
Pattern priorities,
Pattern altitudes
16  cards
11-2T-6 V3 (14OG SUP)
Taxi obstacle clearance with and ...,
Ifr squawk codes,
Sunfish airspace
9  cards
41st Smart Book
Slipstream effect,
P facto,
74  cards
Aerobatic Parameters
Aileron roll,
Barrel roll
10  cards
EPQ Study
The lower ______ and upper ______...,
Illumination of both pmu fail and...,
If aircraft are approaching each ...
96  cards
Combined Check Ride GK Guide / Smartbook
What does a red x mean in the 781,
What does a red dash mean in the 781,
What does a red slash mean in the...
85  cards
Which tp stall recovers the quickest,
Airspeed for landing attitude tp ...,
Which tp stall requires more fine...
27  cards
Angle off,
1 primary responsibility,
2 primary responsibility
46  cards
Bingo fuel,
Joker fuel
2  cards
Mission Check
Red x,
Red dash,
Red diagonal
8  cards

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