tableau crm certification

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Decks in this class (20)

Tableau CRM Assets
What is an app,
What is a lens,
What is a dataset
11  cards
Assign Permissions
Quick vs custom,
Permission set licenses psl,
Permission sets
4  cards
Salesforce Data Access
Integration user,
Security user,
Row level security
8  cards
Planning Your Data & Creating a Dataset
Identify your data requirements,
Map the data journey,
11  cards
Transformation for data prep recipes,
Transformations for dataflows,
Append transformation
19  cards
Api call limits,
Dataset row storage allocations,
Dataset row storage allocations
11  cards
Tableau crm rest api overview,
Examples of things you can do wit...,
Backup and restore previous versi...
5  cards
XMD and Optimize Performance
Tableau crm extended metadata xmd,
What you can customize with xmd,
Optimize dashboard performance
4  cards
Change Sets
Migrate tableau crm assets with c...,
How to migrate assets,
How to migrate assets target org
3  cards
Chart Types
Bar chart,
Calendar heat map charts,
Column chart
27  cards
Approaches to write saql to direc...
2  cards
Facets & Interactions
Interaction types,
Create interactions with clicks,
Cross dataset faceting with conne...
8  cards
Templated Apps
What is a requirement when using ...,
What is the event monitoring anal...,
B2b marketing analytics app
8  cards
Before Building the Dashboard
Before building the dashboard,
Sketch it on paper,
Prioritize elements
9  cards
While Building & After
While building the dashboard,
Apply labels,
Use colors
4  cards
Four Stages of Analytics
Descriptive analytics,
Diagnostic analytics,
Predictive analytics
5  cards
Collect, Cleanse, and Optimize Your Data
Considerations for preparing data,
Address common data issues,
Extreme values and outliers
14  cards
Create Calculated Columns in Your Dataset
Create calculated columns,
Types of calculated columns,
5  cards
Einstein Discovery Capacities and Limits
Tableau crm dataset limits min ro...,
Story limits,
Prediction limits with automated ...
4  cards
Practice Questions
A consultant built an einstein an...,
Tpt ltd recently recruited robert...,
A dataset for building the einste...
69  cards

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