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Silver Questions
If i copy the image to ppt does i...,
Can i change the lines to have pa...,
How do i share these results with...
63  cards
Bronze Questions
Why do i need tableau what value ...,
What about performance,
How hard is it to learn how long ...
45  cards
What are table calculations,
Cohort calculations,
Calculations that are built into ...
6  cards
Why Buy Tableau
The one instant gain from my team...,
Reporting that used to take 8 hou...,
We no longer have to spend time b...
17  cards
Gold Questions
When i add many fields to my rows...,
How does unchecking analysis aggr...,
What is an attribute attr how doe...
61  cards
Tableau Public Premium
What is tableau public premium,
How does tableau public premium work,
How is tableau public premium dif...
31  cards
Qlik Compete
Qlik said it s associative logic ...,
Can you do anything similar to ql...,
Why is tableau s capabilities bet...
16  cards
OLAP vs. Relational
Aggregate calculation fuctions,
Tableau groups,
Tableau bins
12  cards
Spotfire s position,
Spotfire customer focus,
Spotfire strength complexity of a...
11  cards
Tableau Server
Best practice to edit individual ...,
Permisions for default state acro...,
All tableau server ships with def...
82  cards
Tableau Culture
Value 1 we are on a mission,
Value 2 we build great products,
Value 3 we use our products
8  cards
Sales Qualification for Tableau
What s your timeline question for...,
Who makes the decision and what s...,
Company team project department o...
21  cards
Date Warehousing
Data mart,
Third normal form 3nf,
Atomic data
12  cards
Tableau Online
What cloud data sources does tabl...,
How does tableau update data for ...,
How does tableau online connect t...
9  cards
Tableau Positioning
Tableau s product development tea...,
Tableau s metadata model has 2 la...,
Connection metadata model
31  cards
Questions to Ask
Help me understand why you think ...,
What is important to you,
What would you like to accomplish...
118  cards
Don t confide in others,
Manage down the chain,
Your leadership abilities are alw...
48  cards

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