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Basics of Neonatal Care ✅
Where should neonates be managed ...,
Why should neonates be managed on...,
What of infants are admitted to scbu
12  cards
Causes of Preterm Birth ✅
What of infants are preterm,
What may precipitate a preterm la...,
What of preterm labours are due t...
18  cards
Stabilising Preterm Infants ✅
What needs to be considered in ex...,
What may be required to support a...,
When is surfactant used
18  cards
Management of Threatened Preterm Delivery ✅
What is the ultimate aim of the m...,
Who should the decision to delive...,
What needs to be assessed when de...
13  cards
Overview of Preterm Infants ✅
In what respects does a preterm i...,
What is the typical weight for a ...,
Describe the skin of an infant bo...
29  cards
Respiratory Distress Syndrome ✅
What is the most common lung prob...,
What can rds lead to,
What causes rds
59  cards
Nutrition ✅
Is human breastmilk the optimal f...,
What are the advantages of breast...,
What is often a problem when brea...
22  cards
Patent Ductus Arteriosus ✅
How is the patency of the ductus ...,
How does the ductus arteriosus of...,
How is the incidence of functiona...
25  cards
Infection in Premature Infants ✅
What kind of infection are premat...,
Why are preterm infants particula...,
Why do preterm infants have a lac...
12  cards
Necrotising Enterocolitis ✅
What of vlbw infants will develop...,
How is a diagnosis of nec made,
What are the
36  cards
Periventricular-Intraventricular Haemorrhage ✅
What is the most common neurologi...,
How does gestational age affect t...,
What can pvh ivh lead to
53  cards
Osteopenia of Prematurity ✅
Why are premature infants prone t...,
What does reduced bone mineralisa...,
What are the x ray appearances in...
10  cards
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia ✅
How is bronchopulmonary dysplasia...,
What is the limitation of using o...,
What has been proposed as a resul...
24  cards
Outcomes in Preterm Infants ✅
What outcomes should be considere...,
What has improved the survival ra...,
What medical problems are extreme...
24  cards
Respiratory Distress ✅
Why do extremely premature infant...,
What categories of factors influe...,
What physical factors influence f...
33  cards
Meconium Aspiration Syndrome ✅
What of deliveries does meconium ...,
Does meconium aspiration syndrome...,
When does aspiration of meconium ...
18  cards
Thoracic Air Leaks ✅
What are thoracic air leaks,
Give 4 types of thoracic air leaks,
What conditions increase the risk...
19  cards
Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn ✅
What happens to pulmonary vascula...,
What happens if pulmonary vascula...,
What effect does pphn have on cir...
19  cards
Developmental Abnormalities of the Respiratory System ✅
What can congenital anomalies in ...,
At what stage of development do m...,
Can insults during the neonatal p...
80  cards
Respiratory Failure ✅
When is respiratory failure said ...,
What are the determinants of gas ...,
What are the determinants of co2 ...
41  cards
Artificial Respiratory Suppport ✅
What can artificial respiratory s...,
How is invasive respiratory suppo...,
What are the levels of support th...
74  cards
Jaundice and Bilirubin Encephalopathy ✅
Is jaundice common in the neonata...,
What of term infants develop jaun...,
What of preterm infants develop j...
30  cards
Bilirubin Metabolism ✅
How is bilirubin produced,
What does the breakdown of rbcs i...,
What is haemoglobin broken down into
55  cards
Causes of Jaundice ✅
What can the causes of hyperbilir...,
What forms of bilirubin clearance...,
What are the causes of high red c...
87  cards
Assessment of Jaundice ✅
Where does jaundice first appear,
How does the distribution of jaun...,
What may be helpful in clinically...
30  cards
Treatment of Jaundice ✅
What does the type of treatment f...,
What are current treatment thresh...,
Is the albumin bilirubin ratio us...
44  cards
Early-Onset Infection ✅
What can infection in the newborn...,
What are the categories of neonat...,
What is considered to be early on...
56  cards
Late-Onset Infection ✅
How is late onset neonatal infect...,
What is the most common pathogen ...,
What is late onset gbs infection ...
20  cards
Herpes Simplex Virus Infection ✅
How common is hsv infection in ne...,
Why is hsv infection in neonates ...,
What is the risk of hsv infection...
31  cards
Glucose Homeostasis and Hypoglycaemia ✅
How does the glucose requirements...,
Why do neonates have a higher glu...,
How do neonates meet their increa...
62  cards
Fluid, Electrolytes, Feeding, and Nutrition ✅
What is the total body fluid in n...,
Is the proportion of fluid in eac...,
How does the fluid distribution b...
109  cards
Craniosynotosis ✅
What is craniosynotosis also know...,
What is craniostenosis,
How serious is craniostenosis
26  cards
Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy ✅
What is the incidence of hie,
What of cases of cerebral palsy a...,
How much higher is the incidence ...
119  cards
Neonatal Seizures ✅
How does the incidence of seizure...,
What is the incidence of neonatal...,
What is the incidence of neonatal...
40  cards
Perinatal Stroke ✅
What is the incidence of perinata...,
What are the types of neonatal st...,
What is the most common site of p...
21  cards

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