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CompTIA A+ Core 1: Motherboards, CPUs, & Add-on Cards
Which motherboard form factor was...,
Which type of motherboard connect...,
Which type of cpu socket uses fla...
10  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: RAM & Storage Solutions
In which use cases would you most...,
A sodimm is most likely to be fou...,
If a ddr3 memory module is labell...
14  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Power Supplies
What is the most likely outcome w...,
At which voltage do system compon...,
Which statements correctly charac...
7  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Installing Hardware & Display Components
Which type of physical component ...,
Which factors would be advantageo...,
Which steps of replacing a hard d...
12  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Multifunction Devices & Printer Consumables
Which processes are most likely t...,
The printer control language form...,
Which connectivity method would b...
13  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Cable Types & Connectors
Which type or specification of ca...,
What is the primary benefit of us...,
Which type of fiber optic cabling...
16  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Best Practices for Resolving Problems
Place the 6 steps of the troubles...,
After identifying all probable ca...,
Which steps of resolving a proble...
11  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Client-side Virtualization
Which component of virtualization...,
For which purpose would the imple...,
Which statement correctly aligns ...
4  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 2: Linux, macOS, & Windows File Systems
Which features are natively avail...,
How many partitions can be create...,
What must be done to a disk prior...
10  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 2: Windows OS Problems & Personal Computer Security
Which common troubleshooting item...,
Which common issues can cause a s...,
What are some potential causes of...
7  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Networking Fundamentals
Over which port does the hyper te...,
Which statements are correct abou...,
Routers operate at which layer of...
12  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Networking Concepts & Configurations
2552552550 would represent which ...,
Which type of dns record used to ...,
Which type of packet is the last ...
12  cards
CompTIA Network+: Network Types
If a single link between system a...,
In a star network topology by whi...,
In a bus network topology by whic...
15  cards
CompTIA Network+: OSI Model Layers & Data Encapsulation
Which statement correctly charact...,
Which device or service would not...,
The physical address applied by t...
12  cards
CompTIA Network+: Network Troubleshooting Methodologies & Tools
Implementing a troubleshooting me...,
Establishing a theory of the most...,
Place the following testing steps...
18  cards
CompTIA Network+: Disaster Recovery & High Availability Concepts
Which method of load balancing wo...,
Which method of dynamic multipath...,
Which feature is almost always an...
7  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 1: Cloud Computing Concepts
Which types of resources would be...,
Which types of resources would be...,
The platform as a service cloud c...
9  cards
CompTIA A+ Core 2: Operating System & Network Management
You are using the windows file ex...,
Which windows command starts the ...,
Which windows command bypasses th...
14  cards

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