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Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards & Education
71  cards
TCOLE Test (from 2019A)
May need to be updated
39  cards
Arrest, Search and Seizure - Quizzes
Officer Loudermilk
97  cards
Arrest, Search and Seizure - Test 2
A frisk pat down of the _________...,
A frisk is intended to __________...,
A frisk is permitted anytime an o...
75  cards
Arrest, Search, and Seizure - Court Cases
Florida v royer 460 us 491 1983,
Terry v ohio 392 us 1 1968,
Us v mendenhall 446 us 544 1980
20  cards
Arrest, Search and Seizure - Category
Three classifications of interact...,
Us v mendenhall how did the respo...,
How many elements will be used by...
94  cards
Arrest, search and seizure category court cases
Us v mendenhall how did the respo...,
What was the outcome of the miran...,
What case provided for the 14 day...
30  cards
Civil Process
What is texas court structure
1  cards
10 law enforcement officers commi...,
210 duty of magistrates,
7a035 hearsay statement of child ...
192  cards
CCP - Definitions (Who Are PO's)
1 ________ their deputies and tho...,
2 __________ deputy constables an...,
3 __________ or police officers o...
35  cards
CCP - Test 1
29  cards
CCP - Test 2
Ccp 1401 a peace officer or any o...,
Ccp 1402 a peace officer may arre...,
Ccp 1403 persons found in _______...
14  cards
CCP - Test 3
Chapter 14-15
25  cards
CCP - Test 4
Art 213 duties and powers a it is...,
Art 213 duties and powers in the ...,
Art 216 neglecting to execute pro...
108  cards
CPS - Test 1
Communication and Problem Solving Officer Moreno
102  cards
Force Options
Officer Annie Salinas
20  cards
HSC - Category Exam
The exam on 05/29/19
89  cards
Professionalism & Ethics
Officer Muniz
39  cards
Multiculturalism and Human Relations
Mental position based on a person...,
Generally refers to groups of peo...,
Refers to shared culture and back...
44  cards
Penal Code - Definitions
Officer Marroquin Section 1.07
25  cards
Penal Code - Test 1
Chapter 1 - 15
41  cards
Penal Code - Test 2
Chapter 16 - 25
160  cards
Penal Code - Test 3 (incl. Value Ladder)
Chapter 28
90  cards
Penal Code - Test 5
A person who is not a handgun lic...,
Means a not having the normal use...,
B it is an affirmative defense to...
113  cards
Penal Code - Test 4
Chapter 36-42 Exam Date: 06/13/19
94  cards
Penal Code - ALL
Mix of questions
515  cards
Professional Policing
In the watch and ward system the ...,
From 1900 through 1940 s _______ ...,
__________ s goal was to bring pr...
156  cards
U.S. Constitution
Officer Long
58  cards
Victims of Crime
What are the 5 elements of a cris...,
The normal human response to trau...,
Physical response to trauma based...
56  cards
Written Comm - Test 1 (words)
List of most commonly-misused words.
24  cards
Written Comm - Test 2 (punctuation)
Officer Moreno Office Spencer
76  cards
Written Comm - Category
Field notes,
Field notes uses,
25  cards

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