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Decks in this class (20)

33  cards
Hongongoi 2020
Set alight,
Come close join
27  cards
Not able not a chance not at all ...,
Nd also and furthermore as well a...,
Be watchful be careful
77  cards
Let someone else extol your virtues,
The food of chiefs is language,
Man disappears but the land remains
72  cards
Fool around,
Toilet paper,
Tumble around
21  cards
Kupu Mahi (Verbs)
To dig,
To collect,
To strengthen develop
6  cards
Kupu Whakarite
People that question challenge an...,
The sun is at its zennith,
Hard worker leader
37  cards
18  cards
Public open,
Private confidential
5  cards
University Kupu
Graduation ceremony,
Graduation day
21  cards
Vaccine vaccination,
To be alert,
506  cards
Kupu Kāuta - Kitchen Terms
Wipe the bench,
Stir the,
Cut the
10  cards
Kupu 2
To disclose confess,
To severe
129  cards
Random rerenga
They fell asleep were overcome wi...,
We have the same nan,
Don t be the same as your dad
57  cards
High Frequency Words
To be able,
String fishing line,
Light to shine
491  cards
MĀORI 302: Reo Māori Kōrero
Global studies,
43  cards
Poupou Huia Te Reo 2 w.1-4
Parent in law,
Son daughter in law,
Brother in law of a male sister i...
176  cards
Poupou Huia Te Reo 2 w.5-6
Stative be quick eager keen nimble,
In addition to
183  cards
Poupou Huia Te Reo Kīwaha
Through or with feathers a bird c...,
The job of the younger sibling is...,
3  cards
Poupou Huia Te Reo w.7-
To prepare to get ready,
Be quick eager keen nimble,
To lop off cut off cut into lengths
10  cards

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