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Digestive system
The digestive system is composed ...,
The digestive system includes,
Accessory structures to the diges...
39  cards
Mass is,
Matter is,
Substances that cannot be broken ...
15  cards
What type of reaction ab a b,
What type of reaction a b ab,
What type of reaction a bc ac b
9  cards
Nervous system
2 parts of the nervous system are,
The central nervous system consis...,
The peripheral nervous system con...
34  cards
Respiratory system
The respiratory system provides f...,
The respiratory system supplies t...,
The primary function of the lungs...
18  cards
Circulatory system
Circulatory system is also known ...,
The circulatory system is the ___...,
The circulatory system consists of
29  cards
Basics + Histology
The smallest parts of elements th...,
A chemical bonding of atoms that ...,
The basic unit of life
58  cards
Nucleic acids include,
The job of nucleic acids is to,
Structurally a nucleic acid is a ...
34  cards
Parts of a cell
Prokaryotic cells contain what pa...,
What is the cell wall,
What is the cytoplasm
33  cards
Cell differentation
What is an embryo,
What is a zygote,
The most critical stage of develo...
11  cards
Cell replication
What happens during mitosis,
What are the different phases of ...,
What happens in the gaps between ...
44  cards
Cellular respiration
Cellular respiration uses ______ ...,
Cellular respiration is used by _...,
What are heterotrophs
14  cards
More about DNA and genes
Chromosomes are located,
Chromosomes contain,
Genes contain
27  cards
Energy sources
List the forms of electromagnetic...,
List the 7 visible forms of elect...
2  cards
Periodic Table
Atomic radius pattern,
Ionization energy patterns,
Electronegativity patterns
16  cards
Acids/ Bases
What is a acidic solution,
What is a basic solution,
A ______ has a large number of hy...
6  cards
Hydrocarbons end in what,
Examples of hydrocarbons,
What are saturated hydrocarbons a...
4  cards
Properties of water
Water is considered a ______ mole...,
What is a polar molecule,
The hydrogen and oxygen in water ...
14  cards
List 6 steps of scientific method,
Gas exchange in the lungs happens...,
List the hierarchy of the structu...
51  cards

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