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Circulatory System
The main function of the cardiova...,
The circulatory system is made up...,
What are the 2 loops of the circu...
69  cards
Body Cavities and Planes
What are the two main purposes of...,
The dorsal cavity consist of what...,
The cranial cavity is formed by t...
27  cards
Respiratory System
The main function of the respirat...,
What body parts make up the upper...,
What body parts make up the lower...
63  cards
Skeletal System
The skeletal system has many func...,
There are 2 sections of the skele...,
The axial skeleton consists of __...
100  cards
Muscular System
The main function of the muscular...,
The muscular system helps support...,
Name the 3 types of muscle in the...
57  cards
Nervous System
The nervous system is responsible...,
What are the two parts of the ner...,
What makes up the cns
72  cards
Digestive System
The digestive system is responsib...,
The gi tracts consists of the org...,
What are some accessory organs to...
48  cards
Immune System
The immune system is primarily re...,
_______ are any foreign substance...,
Pathogens include
47  cards
Endocrine System
The endocrine system is made up o...,
Hormones allow cells tissues and ...,
What hormones does the pituitary ...
20  cards
Reproductive System
In the male reproductive system t...,
Where are sperm produced specific...,
Where are mature sperm stored
27  cards
Genitourinary System
The genitourinary system is somet...,
The urinary system excretes _____...,
What are the main organs of the u...
15  cards
Integumentary System
The integumentary system refers t...,
What are the 3 layers of the skin,
What is the outermost layer of th...
16  cards
What is the orders of operations,
When adding and subtracting fract...,
When adding mixed numbers you can...
17  cards
Life Sciences
_______ compounds are those that ...,
_______ compounds are those that ...,
______ also called sugars are mol...
84  cards
People places or things,
Stand in for nouns and are used t...,
The action of a sentence
27  cards

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