texas principles of real estate 2

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Real Estate Math
Landlords base rents on what crit...,
How would you calculate profit or...,
How would you calculate the of pr...
34  cards
RE Appraisal: Appraisal and Value
What is the first step in the app...,
What does an appraiser do after h...,
What is the definition of highest...
19  cards
RE Appraisal: Pricing Property
What aspects of a property site s...,
What is an example of a pitfall o...,
What are the most reliable compar...
18  cards
RE Finance I
Lenders who make money available ...,
Construction loans home improveme...,
Life insurance companies typicall...
51  cards
RE Finance II
What does fha require the buyer t...,
How long is a certificate of reas...,
Fha and va loans differ from conv...
29  cards
Control of Land Use
Define as of right zoning this te...,
A contractor owns a lot in a resi...,
Here are the core purposes of a c...
44  cards
Regarding leases who is the lesse...,
If an agent chooses to specialize...,
What are a property manager s maj...
17  cards
What characteristic would make re...,
What do we call the idea that mon...,
What is debt to equity ratio
27  cards
What transfers ownership interest...,
What is not true about a lease,
Which type of leasehold estate re...
38  cards
Property Management
A property manager is responsible...,
What is not a part of a property ...,
A property manager s fee often in...
15  cards
Deeds (Estates/Transfers/Titles)
A grantor must be what,
What is a legal instrument called...,
What is the purpose of a legal de...
38  cards
Title Issues (Estates/Transfers/Titles)
What is the synonym of the estate...,
Transfer of interest equal owners...,
Who is considered a trustee
27  cards
Closing Procedures
A title closing is also known as ...,
Which closing document shows a fo...,
What is one item that is included...
15  cards
Closing Statements
What does the abbreviation respa ...,
What does the abbreviation trid s...,
Which one of these items would no...
19  cards

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texas principles of real estate 2

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