texas promulgated contract forms ( real estate)

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Chapter 1
Texas real estate license act,
The texas recording acts,
Elements of the contracts
21  cards
Chapter 1
Trela law for real estate agents ...,
19  cards
Chapter 1
Good consideration,
6  cards
Chapter 1 ( if you want to learn more in details)
Redla act 1939 was administered by,
Why trela was created,
Regulation of third party
36  cards
Chapter 2
The main law that governs the rea...,
Licensees are also prohibited from,
Broker lawyer committee
15  cards
Chapter 2 review ( more details)
Trec s main purpose,
Which group has the task to draft...
23  cards
Chapter 3
Top and bottom of the pages one t...,
Parties paragraph,
Sales price
14  cards
Chapter 3
Agreement of parties,
Termination option,
Consult an attorney before signing
11  cards
Chapter 3 Review (more Details)
Trec numbering system,
Last two pages one to 4 family re...,
Top of most of the pages
68  cards
Chapter 4
The necessity for the earnest money,
Earnest money reasons,
3 ways the option is used
9  cards
Chapter 4
The commitment for title insurance,
Schedule a commitment,
Schedule b commitment
9  cards
Chapter 4
Rectangular system or the governm...,
Lot and block survey system
15  cards
Chapter 4 ( review)
Earnest money as liquidated damag...,
Option period time,
The title company s title search ...
26  cards
Chapter 5
Settlement and other expenses,
Escrow paragraph,
11  cards
Chapter 5
Where the buyer s temporary resid...,
Seller temporary residential leas...,
Deposit seller residential lease ...
8  cards
Chapter 6
Residential condominium contract ...,
Residential condominium contract ...,
What documents licensees will use...
14  cards
Chapter 6
Survey in condominium unit,
Title notice in condominium unit,
Settlement and other expenses in ...
15  cards
Chapter 6
Property description in farm and ...,
If the seller is planning to rese...
26  cards
Chapter 7
Trec no 10 6 addendum for sale of...,
If buyer fail to sell his her pro...,
Trec no 11 7 addendum for back up...
11  cards
Chapter 7
Trec no 45 1 short sell addendum,
Forms that you will use that are ...,
Texas real estate consumer notice...
8  cards
Chapter 7 review
Paragraph a addendum for sale of ...,
Paragraph c,
Amended effective date back up co...
34  cards
Chapter 8
3 main elements of fraud,
Broker fees
15  cards
Chapter 8 Review
Elements of fraud,
Purchase agreements vs listing ag...,
Sherman antitrust act penalty
22  cards

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texas promulgated contract forms ( real estate)

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