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Principles Of Real Estate 2
Loss of value due to lack of mode...,
The ____ is considered the most r...,
A loss in a property s value due ...
42  cards
Real Estate Finance 1
The process of making a lending d...,
The process of creating a new mor...,
The process of collecting informa...
92  cards
Real Estate Finance 2
The process of making a lending d...,
Each consumer has three different...,
____ typically extend loans with ...
70  cards
Earnest money,
Effective date of a contract
20  cards
Property Ownership
Metes and bounds,
Property held in trust,
47  cards
Practice Of Real Estate
Prima facia evidence
5  cards
Principle of conformity,
Square footage
15  cards
P xt
1  cards
Iabs information about brokerage ...,
Sb 489,
Force able entry and detainer
15  cards
Real Estate Exam Test Prep 2
Covenant against encumbrances,
Covenant of warranty forever,
25  cards
Law of Agency 1
Procuring cause of sale,
Duties of a principal,
Sherman anti trust act
40  cards
Law of Agency 2
Agency is
55  cards
Principles of Real Estate 1
Loan to value ratio ltv,
Highest and best use of a property
20  cards
Law of Agency 3
Procuring cause of sale,
Sherman anti trust act,
Price fixing
15  cards
Land Use and Regulations
Special assessment,
Riparian rights
10  cards
Transfer of Property
Quitclaim deed,
Delivery and acceptance
14  cards
Real Estate Exam Test Prep 1
Chattel personality
100  cards
Specialty Areas
Lack of liquidity,
Party wall,
8  cards
Mandated Disclosures
Megans law,
Material fact,
Stigmatized property
4  cards

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