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the early stuarts and the english revolution

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James I and finance
What was james personality like,
Describe the ordinary revenue of ...,
What happened in customs revenue
30  cards
James and religion
What was james initial attitude t...,
Why did james change his policy t...,
What two reasons were behind the ...
20  cards
James and foreign policy
What was the treaty of london 1604,
What did james turn down in 1603 ...,
What happened in 1613
20  cards
James and parliament
What was the situation like at th...,
How did the parliament of 1604 begin,
What was the biggest issue at the...
20  cards
James I: key dates
When did james come to the throne,
When did james receive the millin...,
When did the hampton court confer...
40  cards
Charles: foreign policy in the 1620s
What was the legacy of james i,
What was charles character like,
How much money would parliament g...
15  cards
Charles: the rise of Arminianism 1625-30
When did laud come to power,
Give three arminian beliefs,
Give four high church beliefs
10  cards
Charles: relations with parliament 1625-9
What happened during the parliame...,
What was the issue with tonnage a...,
What happened to the 1625 parliament
25  cards
Personal rule: economic policy
What was the most pressing proble...,
How much did the royal household ...,
Why was it difficult for weston t...
20  cards
Personal rule: religious policy
How did laud attack preaching,
How was the conduct of services c...,
What was the altar question
15  cards
The end of the personal rule
What happened when the general as...,
What did charles demand in april ...,
What was signed in june 1639
10  cards
Attacks on Charles’ government
What was the long parliament like,
What did puritans in the long par...,
Explain what moderates in the lon...
20  cards
The emergence of a Royalist party
What three things did the radical...,
Why did bishops become more unpop...,
What did the majority of the popu...
20  cards
The move toward civil war
What prompted charles to act,
Describe the five members incident,
What did the five members inciden...
10  cards
The first civil war 1642-46
What was support for charles like...,
Describe the battle of edgehill,
What was the consequence of charl...
15  cards
Analyzing the first civil war
What was the situation like with ...,
Why was neutralism so strong,
What were clubmen
20  cards
The failure to reach a settlement 1646-49
What were the four post war groups,
How did charles see his postwar p...,
What were the three terms of the ...
20  cards
The trial and execution of the king
Why was charles put on public trial,
What happened 6th december 1648,
Explain the biggest issue with th...
10  cards
Why did the leveler movement develop,
What was the humble petition,
What did the humble petition say
10  cards
The rump and the establishment of the commonwealth
What was the reality if the rump ...,
What actions did the rump take in...,
What was the rump s purpose
20  cards
Cromwell in Ireland and Scotland 1649-52
What was the situation like in ir...,
What had happened in ireland afte...,
When did cromwell arrive in ireland
15  cards
The nominated assembly 1653
How were members for the nominate...,
Was the assembly meant to be perm...,
What was one of the assembly s fi...
10  cards
The early protectorate 1654-55
Give five features of the instrum...,
How did cromwell react to the ins...,
What did cromwell do in the nine ...
20  cards
Royalist resistance and the major generals
Why were the royalists unable to ...,
What was the sealed knot,
Describe penruddock s rising
15  cards
The later protectorate 1656-58
What happened when the second pro...,
What created friction between cro...,
Explain what parliament did in ja...
20  cards
Richard Cromwell’s protectorate 1658-59
What did richard inherit,
What gave the royalists hope,
What did senior officers such as ...
10  cards
The restored commonwealth May-December 1659
What did the rump do when it refo...,
Why was the reformed rump so unpo...,
What were the consequences about ...
25  cards
Reasons for the failure of the republic by 1660
What was cromwell s main problem ...,
Why was the monarchy restored,
What did the period 1858 60 show
15  cards

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the early stuarts and the english revolution

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