aqa history - the english revolution 1625-1660

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(21) The Third Civil War
When was the eikon basilike publi...,
What was the eikon basilike,
Where was prince charles by 1648
49  cards
(22) Political Radicalism - religious groups
When was the house of lords aboli...,
Why did the levellers denounce th...,
What did lilburn publish on 26 fe...
36  cards
(22) Political Radicalism - political bodies
When was the council of state int...,
What was the council of state mad...,
Who was the council of state elec...
24  cards
(23) Oliver Cromwell and the Protectorate
What role was handed to cromwell,
What were cromwell s aims,
What was cromwell like
51  cards
(24) The Monarchy Restored
Who did cromwell nominate to succ...,
What was richard cromwell like,
What were the weaknesses of richa...
46  cards
(17) Political and Religious Radicalism - political
What was becoming a political con...,
What were the soldier s grievance...,
What was parliament s solution to...
28  cards
(17) Political and Religious Radicalism - religious
Who was john lilburn,
What were the followers of john l...,
Who else was associated with the ...
11  cards
(18) Political and Religious Divisions
Where did the new model army take...,
What were charles i s attitudes,
What occurred in july 1647
21  cards
(19) The Second Civil War
What was the engagement with the ...,
What did charles refuse to do for...,
What was parliament s response to...
19  cards
(20) The Problem of Charles I
When was the windsor prayer meeting,
Why was it significant,
31  cards
(5) Charles I's Personal Rule
How long was charles personal rul...,
How many people were in the privy...,
What was the privy council
45  cards
(6) Religious Issues
When was laud promoted to archbis...,
When was the trial of bastwick bu...,
What were bastwick burton and pry...
30  cards
(7) Political Issues
When does wentworth become lord p...,
What happened to wentworth in 1627,
What did wentworth help devise in...
13  cards
(8) Radicalism, Dissent and the Approach of war
What was religious radicalism,
When was the book of common praye...,
When was there a riot in st giles...
17  cards
(9) The Political Nation, 1640
When was the short parliament,
Who advised the king to recall pa...,
Why was the parliament closed so ...
22  cards
(10) Pym and the Development of Parliamentary Radicalism
What did pym fear about the king,
When was the army plot,
What was the army plot
10  cards
(11) Conflicts between Crown and Parliament
What was the incident of october ...,
What did the incident prove,
Who became the centre of blame fo...
11  cards
(12) The Slide into War
When did rumours of irish plottin...,
Who was a key figure in ireland,
What was the set date for the iri...
16  cards

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aqa history - the english revolution 1625-1660

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