the global economy

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History Of Economic Growth
Prod function,
2 sources of growth,
Proximate sources of growth 3
32  cards
Models Of Long-run Growth
3 key growth models,
Classicalneoclassicalnew growth m...,
Classical growth models 2
36  cards
Pre-Modern Growth-When It Happened
China stuff background stuff of w...,
Why china was richer more urbanis...,
What everyone mostly agrees on re...
23  cards
Pre-Modern Growth: Why It Happened
Traditional view of why europe di...,
Demographic features in chinademo...,
Demography focus in china
29  cards
European Miracle
What is the european miracle,
Key features of the eu miracle 4,
Key players of the eu miracle 4 a...
46  cards
Industrial Revolution: What And When? Britain
Industrial revolution,
Why was britain first,
4 views on why not italy netherla...
22  cards
Revolutions In Agriculture (+ Proto Industry) Britain
Agricultural revolution,
3 phases,
What were the technological and i...
30  cards
Industrious Revolution
2 demand led notions of industria...,
Consumer revolution
25  cards
British Empire (13 Colonies And BWI)
What was british imperialism,
How did the british imperialism a...,
Wars made france and spain conced...
33  cards
Transatlantic Trade (Slavery, Williams Thesis And Debate On SNP)
Population of america in 18c and ...,
Compositions of 18c trade,
Pattern of 18c trade 3
13  cards
The Second Industrial Revolution (covers America’s Rise But Mainly Victorian Britains Fall)
Us numbers lafeber,
Us continued metals,
Us continued oil 2
32  cards
The Rise Of The United States
Question was us success due to tf...,
Graph shows sources stats good to...,
Highlights of us growth accounting
25  cards
The History Of Pandemics: The Black Death
Main observation in pandemics,
Pandemics were considered a wrath...,
When did quarantine start
27  cards
International Institutions And Their Role In The Global Economy
Recap 4 approaches to institutions,
49  cards
Corruption And Its Global Impact (LOCAL)
Corruption definition world bank,
2 levels of corruption,
29  cards
Corruption And Its Global Impact: Part 2 (Global Issue)
Measures of corruption,
Global corruption barometer,
Bribe payers index
19  cards
Inequality- Global Inequality Dynamics
Types of inequality,
Inequality of opportunity,
Inequality of consumption individ...
26  cards
Inequality: Capital In The XXI Century
Mechanism of wealth divergence 3 ...,
Hyperconcentration of wealth in e...,
The compression of wealth inequal...
17  cards
Poverty definition from world bank,
2 monetary dimensions economic po...,
3 non monetary dimensions of poverty
27  cards
Climate Change: Science And Policy
During what timespan stabilised t...,
The science of global warming,
Do ghg occur naturally
39  cards
Climate Change: Policy & Negotiations
2 approaches to reduce co2 emissions,
Focus on social cost of carbon scc,
Focus on achieving a co2 emission...
30  cards
COVID-19 - The Basics And An Update
How and when did it start,
Covid 19 timeline,
Total cases confirmed 2022 and 2023
15  cards
The Economics Of Vaccines (Vaccines V Drugs)
Difference between vaccines and d...,
Expected net surplus for vaccines,
Profit maximising price of vaccine
17  cards
Economic Case For Global Vaccination
Problem of economic recovery,
3 questions on whether there is a...,
What is affected most
10  cards
What is a forest,
Canopy cover,
Types of forests
18  cards
Commmercial Plantations: The Forester’s Problem
Main question in forestry economics,
Single rotation forestry model wh...,
Extensions of the model as unreal...
4  cards
Preservation Vs Development: The Social Planner’s Problem
Developed vs developing countries...,
Social planners options,
How does the social planner then ...
5  cards
Agricultursl Expansion And Deforestation
Debate on causes of tropical defo...,
Population approach as a cause of...,
Market approach as a cause of tro...
15  cards
Empirical Evidence On Drivers Of Deforestation
What biophysical characteristics ...
1  cards
Migrantion & Conflict
2 types of migration,
Global migration trends
39  cards
Population Growth
Population growth trends,
What region accounts for most of ...,
2 3 of projected growth through t...
26  cards

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