the real estate broker’s examination

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2016 - SET A - Feb. 28, 2016
1 a subdivision scheme where the ...,
2 an annotation on the certificat...,
3 an owner whose land abuts a riv...
100  cards
2016 - SET B - Feb. 28, 2016
1 the law that defines duties and...,
2 an act authorizing the hlurb to...,
3 which type of subdivision proje...
100  cards
2016 - SET C - Feb. 28, 2016
1 three types of pag ibig fund ho...,
2 a borrower may avail of a housi...,
3 the maximum number of qualified...
100  cards
2016 - SET D - Feb. 28, 2016
1 as a major participant in the r...,
2 three of the following comprise...,
3 every peso of capital invested ...
60  cards
2016 - SET E - Feb. 28, 2016
1 a real estate marketing company...,
2 in an authority to sell given t...,
3 a professional real estate brok...
100  cards
2016 - SET F - Feb. 28, 2016
1 the foreclosed asset of the ban...,
2 a family residential home was s...,
3 policies standards and guidelin...
110  cards
2016 - SET G - Feb. 28, 2016
1 the lead policy making body of ...,
2 what is the functional share of...,
3 this is a massive forest rehabi...
110  cards
ODPELS Real Estate Reviewer - Test 1
1 tenancy in severalty refers to ...,
2 eminent domain isa the right of...,
3 real estate is defined asa land...
100  cards
General -or- Fundamentals (170 Items)
1 easement is to real property us...,
2 prior to ra 9646 the law that g...,
3 what is the maximum land owners...
170  cards
ODPELS Real Estate Reviewer - Test 11
1 a development in which a person...,
2 which of the following is true ...,
3 a condominium homeowner s assoc...
87  cards
2016 - SET H - Feb. 28, 2016
1 the buyer bought a 100 sqm subd...,
2 for a farmlot subdivision the r...,
3 this refers to the internment s...
106  cards
ODPELS Real Estate Reviewer - TEST III
1 a broker who makes profitable i...,
2 a real estate broker must compl...,
3 ernest makes an offer on jose s...
50  cards
2016 Special and Technical Knowledge (150 Items)
1 it refers to the programs and p...,
2 in the reit a constitutive docu...,
3 is the estate for the reit the ...
140  cards
2016 General -or- Fundamentals (120 Items)
1 prior to ra 9646 the law that g...,
2 what is the maximum land owners...,
3 which of the following acts of ...
119  cards
2016 Practise Test Professional Practice (200 Items)
1 which of the following is a bas...,
2 social economic governmental an...,
3 the term improvements to real e...
200  cards
Real Estate Law
The subdivision and condominium b...,
Defining open space in residentia...,
Urban development and housing act...
41  cards
Philippine Govt. Agencies in Relation to Real Estate
Lra land registration authority,
Lmb land management bureau,
Denr department of environment an...
11  cards
Review Materials - Brokers Exam (Latest Edition)
When a person speaks of the princ...,
2 the government may dispose or a...,
3 it is the power of the state to...
70  cards
The urban development and housing...,
The priority right of a tenant to...,
The two 2 criteria for carp cover...
94  cards
REBLEX 01 2023 / Mock-Up Exam 10 (97 pts)
Which of these elements is inappl...,
The rate of creditable withholdin...,
Legally permissible physically po...
97  cards
REBLEX 01 2023 / Mock-Up Exam 11 (97 pts)
An agency providing the public wi...,
A set of information found in tit...,
Which of the following is false a...
97  cards
Ms torre is an accredited broker ...,
A perimeter wall will be construc...,
Mr ahente obtained a net listing ...
8  cards
REBLEX 01 2023 / Mock-Up Exam 12 (99 pts)
A form of common ownership which ...,
Which of the following cannot be ...,
Specific materials that by their ...
103  cards
REBLEX 01 2023 / Mock-Up Exam 13 (100 Pts)
Surveys whose principal purposes ...,
A lease arrangements in which the...,
Under the urban land reform law p...
102  cards
Professional Practise - Set 1 (200 Pts)
0  cards
Professional Practice - Set 2 (200 Pts)
Using compass bearings to describ...,
Which of the following is not a m...,
003 the legal purposes of zoning ...
117  cards
2016 - Special & Technical Knowledge (173 Pts)
001 area required to be reserved ...,
002 the law that defined subdivis...,
003 hlurb resolution no 725 dated...
130  cards
An act that promotes and encourag...,
In relation to q1 it was approved...,
An act to provide for a comprehen...
104  cards
1. Crash Review - Legal Requirements For Real Estate Service Act (R.A. 9646)
Real estate service act of the ph...,
Declaration of policy in ra 9646,
The recognizes the vital role of ...
91  cards
Board Exam Simulation HD General / Fundamentals (100 Pts)
Which of the following is not an ...,
The following are the categories ...,
In appraisal of an old building e...
100  cards
Board Exam Simulation HD Special Technical Knowledge (100 Pts)
Maximum non saleable area of open...,
Assists individual or firms to tr...,
Refers to the surveys where the s...
100  cards
Board Exam Simulation HD Professional Practice (200 Pts)
The equilibrium price is also cal...,
Lien on property with unpaid taxe...,
Establishing priorities and proce...
200  cards
Board Exam Simulation Set B - HD General /Fundamentals (100 Pts)
The amount of family home equival...,
The process of valuing a group of...,
The maximum period that an foreig...
100  cards
1. Crash Review - Code of Ethics and Responsibilities
A noble profession calling or an ...,
Since realty service practice is ...,
Utmost fidelity sincerity respect...
109  cards
1. Crash Review - Fundamentals of Property Ownership (160 pts)
Percent of filipino ownership in ...,
The surface of the earth which wa...,
The land with all improvement and...
159  cards
1. Crash Review - Real Estate Laws and Taxation (111 pts)
Land covered by the agrarian refo...,
The slow pace of agrarian reform ...,
Comprehensive agrarian reform law...
109  cards
Implementing Rules and Regulations PD 957 (Housing and Land Trivia)
What is the minimum lot frontage ...,
It shall refer to an area reserve...,
The number of rowhouses shall not...
36  cards
2016 Practice Test (261 pts)
The value of real estate is deter...,
In subdivision marketing the sale...,
Most important document to be che...
159  cards
moc 56
Property rights are anchored on a...,
To this end the state shall regul...,
The board shall adopt and promulg...
22  cards
Selected 2023 Exam Result
What is the principle of regressi...,
What is the principle of consiste...,
What is the principle of anticipa...
43  cards
Selected 2023 Answer
Eo 72 comprehensive land use plan...,
Eo 71,
It is the only region in the phil...
50  cards
Urban and Rural Land User
The urban development and housing...,
The priority right of a tenant to...,
The two 2 criteria for carp cover...
30  cards
Planning, Development & Zoning
It is an act wherein subdivision ...,
A housing project intended for th...,
A distinction of subdivision deve...
56  cards
Represent agricultural producea l...,
Brokers salespersonsa rising sunb...,
Represents real estatea goldb gre...
8  cards

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