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T f the psychosocial perspective ...,
T f children who do not experienc...,
The contemporary trends in psycho...
64  cards
Adlerian Therapy
True or false adlerian therapy is...,
Adler chose the name individual p...,
True or false striving for superi...
44  cards
Existential Therapy
True or false the key concepts of...,
True or false existential therapi...,
True or false according to sartre...
25  cards
Person-Centred Therapy
True or false person centred ther...,
True or false diagnosis of client...,
True or false a major contributio...
25  cards
Gestalt Therapy
True or false resistance refers t...,
Blocked energy can be considered ...,
The basic goal of gestalt therapy...
20  cards
Behaviour Therapy
True or false operant conditionin...,
True or false behaviour therapist...,
True or false the emphasis of con...
25  cards
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Rebt makes use of both cognitive ...,
Rebt stresses the importance of t...,
Cognitive therapy for depression ...
25  cards
Reality Therapy
True or false what is important i...,
Choice theory is the framework fo...,
True or false a good way to chang...
25  cards
Feminist Counselling
True or false although feminist t...,
True or false one of the goals of...,
True or false a criticism of femi...
25  cards
Postmodern Therapy
True or false narrative therapist...,
True or false one of the function...,
True or false narrative therapy i...
25  cards
Family Systems Approaches
The trend today is toward relianc...,
True or false the emergence of fe...,
Experiential family therapy relie...
25  cards
Integrative Approach
True or false for decades council...,
True or false as the field of psy...,
True or false syncretism occurs w...
25  cards

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