genetic counseling

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What is a contiguous gene syndrome,
Name some examples of contiguous ...,
What are acrocentric chromosomes
52  cards
Molecular Genetics
Name 4 control points for gene ex...,
What are the four bases for dna,
What is thymine s rna equivalent
36  cards
0  cards
What are the products of anaerobi...,
What happens to pyruvate with and...,
What could elevations in pyruvate...
23  cards
What is disruption,
What is deformation,
What is a sequence
4  cards
Inheritance Patterns
Autosomal dominant,
Autosomal recessive,
X linked recessive
18  cards
Med Gen Conditions
Which inborn error of metabolism ...,
Name the gene and aa substitution...,
What are some genes associated wi...
33  cards
Prenatal Genetics
The overall mosaicism rate in cvs...,
If level iii mosaicism is reporte...,
First trimester screening
39  cards
Cancer Genetics
What cancers are associated with vhl,
What gene should you test for in ...,
What are the features associated ...
41  cards
Cardio Genetics
0  cards
Genetic Counseling
Self controlling
20  cards
Sweaty foot odor,
When should you consider a metabo...,
How is homocystinuria different t...
75  cards
MedGen Terms (T&T)
The boundary between the 3 end of...,
A type of chromosome with the cen...,
Chromosomes 13 14 15 21 22
289  cards
What is the background risk for b...,
What percentage of birth defects ...,
What are some characteristics of ...
74  cards

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genetic counseling

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