thucydides and the west 479-403

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Athenian Aims and Intentions
What does thuc present as a key b...,
What is the reason thuc provides ...,
What does thuc present as immedia...
19  cards
Spartan Foreign Policy
What were the two major domestic ...,
What were the two main effects of...,
How does thuc refer to the sparta...
28  cards
Causes and Effects of Pelo War
What does transliterate to meaning,
What does thuc assert is the true...,
What state s role in initiating w...
27  cards
Sicily and the Greek West
What context does thucydides prov...,
What context does thuc not provid...,
What 3 points does diodorus make ...
20  cards
Persian Impact and Perspective
What were the two main reasons fo...,
What role did tissaphernes have,
What was the content of the 1st s...
18  cards
Thucydidean Historiography
In what way does thucydides diffe...,
When is the generally agreed deca...,
When is thuc believed to have sta...
32  cards
Oligarchy, Democracy, and Monarchy
At what point in hdt does the con...,
Who are the speakers in hdt s con...,
What does simonton argue about th...
56  cards
Peloponnesian States
What 2 events brought corinth int...,
What was corinth s main problem w...,
How many corinthian speeches occu...
18  cards
Relations between Athens and Sparta
Similarities, warring between them, Dorian v Ionian, strategies in wars
21  cards
Impact of Religion
Why is religion important to stud...,
With respect to religion what is ...,
As part of the coming of democrac...
29  cards
Other sources
Inscriptions, other historians, buildings.
42  cards
Other Historians
How does xen open hellenica that ...,
In what class was xenophon likely...
47  cards

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thucydides and the west 479-403

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