togaf 9.2 depth

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Togaf Introduction
What provides a framework and a c...,
What are the two parts within the...,
What processes consider available...
23  cards
Priliminary Phase
What are the objectives of prelim...,
Where is capability maturity targ...,
Where what why who and how to arc...
6  cards
Architecture Vision
In which phase should the stateme...,
In which phase is the statement o...,
Architecture principles are creat...
19  cards
Business Architecture
What should be the output of eval...,
What are the functions that have ...,
What is icoms
5  cards
Data Architecture
What will enable the data archite...
1  cards
Technology architecture
What is the technology relevant c...,
What reference model is used to c...
2  cards
Application Architecture
0  cards
Opportunities And Solutions
In which phase are transition arc...,
In which phase is the solution bu...,
Where is the initial complete ver...
12  cards
Migration Planning
What are the four management fram...,
Where is the architecture develop...,
In which phase is the business va...
15  cards
Capability Based Planning
For capability based planning how...,
What helps to frame architecture ...,
What are the three dimensions of ...
4  cards
Implementation Governance
Implementation related change req...,
What governance model ensures tha...,
In which phase is the scope and p...
15  cards
Architecture Change Management
What are the two types of change ...,
What nature of change request is ...,
New technology reports asset mana...
9  cards
Iteration Cycles
What are the four iteration cycle...,
What are the three areas of engag...,
What are foundational change init...
9  cards
Architecture Landscapes
What are the three architecture l...,
What within togaf provide a compr...
2  cards
Architecture Principles
What are the four components of a...,
What are the 5 qualities of archi...,
How does architecture principles ...
3  cards
Stakeholder Management And Architecture Patterns
In which phase is the stakeholder...,
What are the axises of stakeholde...,
How should engagement deliverable...
4  cards
Gap Analysis
What does eliminated mean in gap ...,
What does new mean in gap analysis,
Architecture gap analysis involve...
3  cards
Migration Planning Techniques
What matrix can be used to docume...,
What is used to consolidate all t...,
What is the architecture definiti...
6  cards
Architectural Artifacts
Every architecture view has an as...
1  cards
Enterprise Continuum
Which architecture has major char...,
What provides a view of the archi...,
What provides methods to classify...
8  cards
The Architecture Respository
Within the architect ture reposit...,
What is included in the architect...,
What captures the standards with ...
5  cards
Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
What are the levels in business t...,
What is readiness factor rating b...
2  cards
Risk Management
How is risk classified normally,
Where is risk monitoring conducte...
2  cards
Architecture Content Framework
What provides structural model fo...,
What artifact has list of things,
What artifact has relation betwee...
9  cards
Architecture Capability Framework
What is sometimes refried to as t...,
What is the recommended size of a...,
What does confomant conformance l...
5  cards
Architecture Governance
Is implementation governance phas...,
Can dispensation be allowed indef...
2  cards

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