topic 1- analysing texts

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Decks in this class (15)

Define context,
State what the acronym gapmmr sta...,
Define genre
9  cards
Language Levels
State define the language levels ...
1  cards
Lexis + Semantics
What is a denotation,
What are connotations,
What are synonymy
28  cards
State explain the hierarchy of gr...,
Explain what lexical words conten...,
Explain what grammatical words fu...
3  cards
Grammar- Nouns
What is a proper noun,
What is a common noun,
What is a concrete noun
7  cards
Grammar- Determiners
What is an article determiner,
What is a possessive determiner,
What is a demonstrative determiner
7  cards
Grammar- Pronouns
What is a personal pronoun,
What is a possessive pronoun,
What are reflexive pronouns
9  cards
Grammar- Adjectives
What are the different types of a...,
What are premodifiers and postmod...,
Define an adjective
7  cards
Grammar- Verbs
What is an auxiliary verb,
What is epistemic modality,
What is deontic modality
12  cards
Grammar- Adverbs
Define an adverb,
Define adverbs of manner,
Define adverbs of time
7  cards
Grammar- Prepositions + Conjunctions
Define a preposition,
Define a conjunction,
Define a coordinating conjunction
4  cards
Grammar- Syntax
What is syntax,
What is a clause,
What are a complex sentence
29  cards
Discourse and Graphology
What is discourse structure,
What is coherence,
What is cohesion
8  cards
Define pragmatics,
Define pragmatic failure
2  cards
Phonology, Phonetics + Prosodics
Define phonology,
Define prosodics,
Define intonation
6  cards

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topic 1- analysing texts

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