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Basic Facts
Tourism definition der world tour...,
Facts and figures about the world...,
Social cultural and economic sign...
5  cards
Chapter 1: The metamorphosis of services
I importance of services tourism ...,
The service economy,
Growth in the service sector
15  cards
Chapter 2: Special features of services
I four characteristic features of...,
Intangibility properties,
Heterogeneity levels consequences...
11  cards
Chapter 3: Service quality
I development of quality manageme...,
Quality gurus,
Why is quality important
16  cards
Chapter 4: Understand and involve customers
I concept of customer centricityk...,
Customer centricity,
Guestology disney
17  cards
Chapter 5: Service vision, service design and service interaction
I service visionservice vision role,
Service vision,
Service strategy
15  cards
Chapter 6: Service Marketing: Customer Experience Management and Customer Relationship Management
I service marketingnew integrated...,
Integration of marketing operatio...,
Ii marketing mix for servicesexte...
10  cards
Chapter 7: Service guarantees, service failure and service recovery
I service failureservice quality ...,
Sources and challenges of service...,
Ii service guaranteesservice guar...
11  cards
Chapter 8: Manage and involve employees in service organizations
I relevance of personnel manageme...,
Five reasons for the special mean...,
Emotional labor
10  cards
Chapter 9: Leadership in service organizations
I leadership and leadership style...,
Leadership style,
Ii requirements for leaders emoti...
10  cards
Accra beach hotelvariations in de...,
Accra beach hotelincomes and lost...,
Singapore airlines 5 elements of ...
10  cards
Group Presentations
Bio hotel stanglwirt,
Pun pun sustainable living and le...,
Spicers retreats australien
5  cards
Guest Presentations
Aidathe cruise market germany pre...,
Aidayield management in the cruis...,
Aidaprice differentiation
4  cards

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