trainee pharmacists 2022

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Chapter 1: Gastro-intestinal system
Aminosalicylates anti inflammator...,
Liquid paraffin,
What is sucralfate used for
228  cards
Chapter 2: Cardiovascular system
Which noac has twice daily dosing...,
Which noac requires loading,
Which noac interacts with verapam...
444  cards
Chapter 3: Respiratory system
How should patients used dpi inha...,
Why should beclometasone cfc free...,
Which beta blockers would we be m...
228  cards
Chapter 4: Nervous system
Which of the acetylcholinesterase...,
When should donepezil be given,
What conditions are cholinergic d...
502  cards
Chapter 5: Infection Part 1
What are the safest classes of an...,
What antibiotic treatment is indi...,
What antibiotic is very good agai...
500  cards
Chapter 5: Infection part 2
What is the curb score and what d...,
What is the dose of nitrofurantoi...,
When would you add flucloxacillin...
81  cards
Chapter 6: Endocrine system
What is the advice from the dvla ...,
True or false alcohol can cause d...,
Do you have to fast before a hba1...
436  cards
Chapter 7: Genito-urinary system
What are the two hormones in comb...,
What guidelines should be followe...,
Iuds are less appropriate for wom...
148  cards
Chapter 8: Immune system and malignant disease
What is extravasation of iv drugs...,
Chemotherapy can cause neutropeni...,
What are the side effects of chem...
78  cards
Chapter 9: Blood and nutrition
What are the mhra warnings associ...,
What are the main side effects of...,
What are epoetins used for
85  cards
Chapter 10: Musculoskeletal system
Hydroxychloroquine is indicated f...,
What drugs are used in the treatm...
91  cards
Chapter 11 & 12: Eyes, ears, nose, and oropharynx
Whats the deal with timolol what ...,
When can timolol be administered ...,
How often are anti infective eye ...
64  cards
Chapter 13: Skin
What is the mhra advice regarding...,
What safety advice should you say...,
Drugs marked with what letters ar...
187  cards
Chapter 14, 15 & 16: Vaccines, anaesthesia, emergency treatment of poisoning
What vaccines are indicated for a...,
Which anti malarial treatment is ...,
Which antibiotic can be used for ...
252  cards
Pharmacy Law (MEP)
If a veterinary prescriber is pre...,
How many cpds must pharmacists re...,
What is a gsl medicine
391  cards
Community Pharmacy (OTC)
What is the organism causing ring...,
A patient presents with the follo...,
What kind of medication is guaiph...
330  cards
A patient presents at the pharmac...,
What are the target levels of gen...,
A patient presents a prescription...
457  cards
Therapeutic drug monitoring & High risk drugs
What is the difference between hy...,
What is an ionotrope what is a po...,
What is the desired serum concent...
121  cards
Paracetamol & Ibuprofen dosing
Paracetamol dose for 1 2 months,
Paracetamol dose for 3 5 months,
Paracetamol dose for 6 months 1 year
21  cards
Past paper questions
Pregnant lady with a uti 12 40 we...,
Which one of the following has be...,
Mrs t normally takes carbamazepin...
199  cards
MHRA drug safety update
Important safety information abou...,
Mhra warning for bisphosphonates 3,
Mhra warnings for warfarin
17  cards

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