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Introduction to the trust
What is a trust,
Who has ownership of trust property,
Why use a trust
41  cards
Creation of trusts
What is the difference between 1 ...,
What are the 2 methods of creatin...,
What happens on a self declaratio...
19  cards
Express trust: The three certainties
The first condition to create an express trust
35  cards
Express trust: Formalities
What is the difference between a ...,
Must a settlor comply with specif...,
What is the exception to no forma...
35  cards
Beneficial entitlement
What interest and right does the ...,
What is the beneficiary principle,
Why is the certainty of objects i...
42  cards
Purpose Trusts
What are the two exceptions to th...,
What are the benefits of trusts h...,
How does the rule against remoten...
50  cards
Implied Trusts: Resulting trusts
What happens in a resulting trust,
In what 3 situations will resulti...,
When will an automatic resulting ...
19  cards
Implied Trusts: Trusts of the family home
How is ownership of property deci...,
Can the court reallocate property...
87  cards
Overview: Administration of trusts + Role, appointment, and removal + The Fiduciary relationship
Who is the legal owner of trust p...,
How must a trustee exercise their...,
Re trustees what do express trust...
58  cards
Trustees: powers and duties
What is the difference between tr...,
What is the source of trustee pow...,
What are the 2 categories of powe...
78  cards
Trustees: liability
What is the difference between tr...,
In what 2 ways can ts commit a br...,
What 4 issues must be considered ...
51  cards
Equitable remedies
What are the two categories of eq...,
Remedies for the trues,
When can we use following tracing...
12  cards
Liability of strangers
What are two key claims that can ...,
1st claim what is accessory liabi...,
What are the requirements to prov...
7  cards

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