uk constitutional law

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(2) The Core Rule of Law
What is the rule of law,
What two things epitomise the unc...,
What are the three key interpreta...
47  cards
(2) The Extended Rule of Law
What prompted the development of ...,
Which events highlighted the gap ...,
Who developed the idea of the ext...
62  cards
(2) The Substantive Rule of Law
What is the substantive rule of law,
What prompted the development of ...,
What is the converse argument aga...
14  cards
(3) Introduction, Theory and Aims
How does the separation of powers...,
What is the broad aim of the sepa...,
What may occur if there were no s...
13  cards
(3) Pure Theory
What is the pure theory of separa...,
What is an example of a pure inst...,
On what grounds is the us constit...
5  cards
(3) Partial Theory
What is the partial separation of...,
How does the partial separation t...,
What was madisons view on the par...
5  cards
(3) Governmental Institutions
In the uk system which bodies exe...,
What is a criticism of the way th...,
In the uk what is the role of the...
13  cards
(3) Division of Functions
What did lord mustill suggest in ...,
Is the division of government fun...,
What did bagehot say about the br...
29  cards
(3) Division of Institutions
What examples are there in the uk...,
How did the position of lord chan...,
What were the arguments in favour...
22  cards
(3) Constitutional Checks and Balances
Can the uk constitution be said t...,
What are the two key ways in whic...,
How do parliament check the power...
7  cards
(3) Significance of SoP
Can the uk constitution be said t...,
What is the biggest obstacle to a...,
What is the significance of the u...
6  cards
(1) Nature and Purpose of Constitutions
What are constitutions,
What is the key purpose of a cons...,
What functions does a constitutio...
7  cards
(1) Characteristics & Definitions of Constitutions
What is the most prescriptive app...,
What is the middle ground approac...,
What is the least prescriptive ap...
25  cards
(1) Content, Form & Structure of Constitutions
What are the three core issues co...,
What may affect the shaping of a ...,
What examples are there of consti...
29  cards
(1) The UK Constitution & It's Sources
How has the development of the uk...,
How did ivor jennings neatly enca...,
How does the uncodified nature of...
37  cards
(1) Constitutional Conventions
How did dicey define conventions,
How did tomkins define conventions,
What did fenwick phillipson and w...
27  cards
(1) Structure of the UK Government
What are the four distinct territ...,
What are the three distinct legal...,
What does it mean to say the uk h...
20  cards
(1) Devolution
What is devolution,
How did n burrow define devolution,
How did v bogdanor define devolution
23  cards
(1) Federalism
What is federalism,
How did bogdanor distinguish devo...,
What prevents the existence of a ...
8  cards
(4) Definitions & Origins
What is parliamentary sovereignty,
What was diceys definition of par...,
What are the two distinct aspects...
7  cards
(4) Legal & Political Sovereignty
What are the issues with the orig...,
What do some academic commentator...,
What is the flaw with the democra...
17  cards
(4) Self-Limitations and Self-Embracing Sovereignty
Can parliament s powers be restri...,
How is the idea of continuing sov...,
How may parliament legislate to t...
18  cards
(4) The Primary Legislative Process and Potential for Redesign
How do courts distinguish between...,
Upon distinguishing primary legis...,
What are the means by which acts ...
8  cards
(4) Jackson Case
What was the significance of the ...,
What was the line of argumentatio...,
What was the argument presented b...
14  cards
(4) Primary Legislation and other Sources of Law
What is the relationship between ...,
What is the relationship between ...,
What is the relationship between ...
5  cards
(4) Interpretive Techniques, Presumptions & Principles
What interpretive techniques may ...,
What interpretive presumptions ma...,
When will the courts interpretive...
13  cards
(4) Constitutional Statutes & Residual Common Law Limitations
What was the significance of the ...,
How did laws lj distinguish betwe...,
How did law lj define constitutio...
10  cards
(4) The HRA, European Union and Brexit
Alongside judicially developed fo...,
How did the hra 1998 create inter...,
How do these two requirements of ...
9  cards
(4) The Factortame Litigation
What was the factortame litigation,
What were the details of the fact...,
What was the original response of...
16  cards
(2) Prerogative Powers (extra)
What is the primary conflict betw...,
What did munro say about the prer...,
Who else made significant comment...
20  cards

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