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Contract - Agreement and Intention
Define invitation to treat,
Tenders are invitations to treat,
Goods on display are invitations ...
34  cards
Contract - Agency
Define agency,
What two ways can agency arise au...,
What is actual authority
7  cards
Contract - Consideration
Consideration is the price you pa...,
Consideration need not be adequat...,
Consideration must have some sort...
17  cards
Contract - Exemption Clauses
What three ways can an exemption ...,
What conditions must be satisfied...,
What conditions must be satisfied...
31  cards
Contract - False Preliminary Statement
If the party making the statement...,
If the statement is of vital impo...,
If the maker of a statement tells...
29  cards
Contract - Undue Influence
Define undue influence,
What may constitute actual undue ...,
When will undue influence be pres...
15  cards
Contract - Complete Performance
General rule performance must be ...,
What are the three exceptions to ...,
Where the defects are slight the ...
10  cards
Contract - Damages
The aim of damages is to but the ...,
Damages takes account of loss of ...,
Damages takes account of loss of ...
14  cards
Equity and Trusts - Intention, Subject Matter and Formalities
For a gift to be validly created ...,
What must be present for a declar...,
Intention is inferred from words ...
21  cards
Equity and Trusts - Object and Purpose Trusts
Define power of appointment,
What is the certainty of object t...,
What are the requirements for the...
32  cards
Equity and Trusts - Family Property
The courts can presume a resultin...,
What 3 criteria must be met for a...,
What 3 criteria must be met for a...
29  cards
Equity and Trusts - Running a Trust
Investment is defined as somethin...,
Best interest of beneficiaries be...,
Common law standard of care reaso...
13  cards
Equity and Trusts - Fiduciary Duties
Fiduciaries have a duty not to pu...,
Give 6 status based fiduciaries,
What two stage test establishes w...
4  cards
Equity and Trusts - Personal Claims against Trustees
What breaches can a secondary tru...,
What must be shown in order for a...,
What is the rule of there has bee...
6  cards
Equity and Trusts - Proprietary Claims Against Trustees
What should be considered when de...,
What is the appropriate remedy wh...,
What is the appropriate remedy wh...
10  cards
Equity and Trusts - Customer Pre-Payments on Insolvency
Trusts can be used to protect mon...,
Separate bank accounts need not b...,
What indicates certainty of inten...
14  cards
Equity and Trusts - Quistclose Trusts
What is a quistclose trust,
What are quistclose trusts used for,
Intention money should have been ...
8  cards
Equity and Trusts - Goods Supplied on Credit
What is the name of the thing tha...,
What is the effect of a retention...,
Can a supplier recover the procee...
5  cards
Land - Third Party Interests
Which third party interests are c...,
Which third party interests are n...,
What formalities are required to ...
10  cards
Land - Types of 3rd Party Interests
Under the registered system what ...,
Under the registered system what ...,
Under the registered system what ...
10  cards
Land - Actual Occupation Case Law
For actual occupation to be obvio...,
Fencing on derelict land is enoug...,
Actual occupation requires a phys...
9  cards
Land - Co-Ownership
Joint tenancies cannot be dispose...,
Legal title is always held as a jt,
Max 4 people can appear on the le...
12  cards
Land - Leases
To be a lease the occupant must h...,
Which two cases should be conside...,
Why was antoniades v villiers con...
14  cards
Land - Fixtures and Chattels
Method and degree of annexation,
Object and purpose of annexation,
Statue chattel
10  cards
Land - Freehold Covenants
Who can sue for breach of a freeh...,
In what two ways can the benefit ...,
What conditions must be met for t...
13  cards
Land - Leasehold Covenants
For new leases landlord entitled ...,
The tenant has an implied covenan...,
The landlord must keep the proper...
25  cards
Land - Easements
What are the 4 factors in re elle...,
A right of way over land in north...,
What two things must be considere...
13  cards
Tort - Negligence (Duty & Breach)
One road user to another,
Defendant to rescuer where d has ...,
Driver to pedestrians and passengers
26  cards
Tort - Negligence (Causation & Defences)
The but for test,
All or nothing approach standard ...,
What must be shown to satisfy the...
30  cards
Tort - Negligence (PEL)
No duty of care is owed in tort f...,
Duty of care not owed if damage c...,
In cases of negligent misstatemen...
9  cards
Tort - Negligence (PPH)
What 2 elements must be present f...,
What qualifies a claimant as a pr...,
A duty of care is owed to primary...
7  cards
Tort - Employers' Liability
What four duties does an employer...,
A duty to provide competent staff...,
The risk posed by an employee may...
20  cards
Tort - Occupiers Liability
An occupier is anyone with a suff...,
If danger is an allurement the oc...,
If the occupier makes the premise...
13  cards
Tort - Private Nuisance
Define private nuisance authority,
What 5 things does the claimant h...,
What is locus standi
15  cards
Tort - Trespass to Land
What three things must the claima...,
Squatters can have locus standi,
In what 4 ways can someones land ...
11  cards
Tort - Remedies
What are the 4 general principles...,
What are considered for non pecun...,
What is considered when calculati...
19  cards

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