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1 Units and Measurements
True or false percent is not a unit,
What are the typical dimensional ...,
Increase or decrease by a factor ...
8  cards
2 Sound
What are biologic effects of sound,
What are acoustic propagation pro...,
What is sound
26  cards
3 Pulsed Sound
What are the 2 components of puls...,
What is a pulse,
What are the 5 parameters that de...
37  cards
4 Intensity
What is intensity,
Do ultrasound beams have the same...,
What is the peak
16  cards
5 Sound + Media
What is attenuation,
What occurs the further us travels,
What is associated with less atte...
43  cards
6 Range Equation
What is the go return time or tim...,
What is directly related since av...,
What is the 13 microsecond rule
5  cards
7 Transducers
What is a transducer,
What is the piezoelectric effect,
What are some piezoelectric mater...
17  cards
8 Sound Beams
What is the rule for beam width,
Describe the beam width as sound ...,
What is the focus or focal point
17  cards
9 Axial + Lateral Resolution
What is resolution,
What is axial resolution,
What is larrd resolution
20  cards
10 2-D Imaging
What are b scans or b modes,
What does a scanhead contain,
What is steering in mechanical sc...
41  cards
11 Contrast, Spatial + Temporal Resolution
What is contrast resolution,
What is spatial resolution,
What is real time imaging
22  cards
12 Pulsed Echo Instrumentation
Describe the ultrasound system,
What is the information processed...,
List the six interconnected compo...
48  cards
13 Harmonics
What is harmonic imaging,
What are harmonics,
What is the fundamental frequency
10  cards
14 Displays
What are characteristics of a bis...,
What are characteristics of a gra...,
What are the controls of the display
23  cards
15 Image Processing + Dynamic Range
What is read magnification,
What is write magnification,
What is fill in interpolation
19  cards
16 Hemodynamics
What is flow,
What is steady flow,
What is pulsatile and phasic flow
34  cards
17 Doppler
What is doppler shift or frequency,
What is a positive change or shift,
What is a negative change or shift
58  cards
18 Image Characteristics + Artifacts
What are ultrasound artifacts,
List image characteristics,
What are causes of artifacts
22  cards
19 QA + Clinical Environment
What are the requirements of qa,
What is quality assurance,
What are goals of qa
5  cards
20 Bioeffects
What is a hydrophone,
What is a calorimeter,
What is a thermocouple
30  cards

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