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Ch 1: The Basics
The horizontal axis is called the...,
The vertical axis is called the x...,
21  cards
Ch 2: Sound
Acoustic propagation properties,
Biologic effects,
21  cards
Ch 3: Describing Sound Waves
The source of the sound wave is the,
The medium is the,
Period is the
60  cards
Ch. 4: Describing Pulsed Waves
In diagnostic u s ___ wave sound ...,
Define pulsed sound,
Pulse duration is
50  cards
Ch. 5: Intensities
Spatial refers to,
Define peak,
Define average
40  cards
Ch 6: Sound and Media
What is it called when sound wave...,
What is it called when the u s sy...,
Define decibel notation
82  cards
Ch 7: Range Equation
The elapsed time from pulse creat...,
Time of flight and depth are ___ ...,
154 mm microseconds x go return t...
15  cards
Ch 8: Transducers
Define transducer,
During ___ electrical energy from...,
During ___ the reflected sound pu...
58  cards
Ch 9: Sound Beams
This is the location where the be...,
The width of the sound beam at th...,
This is the region from the trans...
25  cards
Ch 10: Axial & Lateral Resolution
Define resolution,
Define axial resolution,
Axial resolution is measured in u...
40  cards
Ch 11: Display Modes
The three basic modes of display ...,
This display mode appears as a se...,
In which display mode does the so...
21  cards
Ch 12: Two-Dimensional Imaging
The mechanical transducer contain...,
The mechanical transducer contain...,
How many active elements does a m...
76  cards
Ch 13: Real-Time Imaging
This is a process of scanning one...,
This is the most important operat...,
This is the system s ablity to cr...
31  cards
Ch 14: Pulsed Echo Instrumentation
What are the two major functions ...,
This u s component transforms ele...,
The u s component creates and con...
65  cards
Ch 15: Displays and Image Processing
Bistable images are composed of h...,
What two user controls can alter ...,
This determines the range of bril...
70  cards
Ch 16: Dynamic Range
This is a method of describing th...,
Dynamic range is reported in unit...,
As a general rule the dynamic ran...
12  cards
Ch 17: Harmonics & Contrast Agents
This is the creation of an image ...,
The transmitted frequency is call...,
The __ frequency is twice the tra...
49  cards
Ch 18: Hemodynamics
This indicates the volume of bloo...,
Flow is measured in units of,
This indicates the speed of a flu...
77  cards
Ch 19: Doppler
Relative motion between the sound...,
The frequency of sound changes wh...,
The process of extracting the low...
98  cards
Ch 21: Artifacts
Artifacts result from 1 violation...,
Assumption 1 sound travels in,
Assumption 2 sound travels directly
73  cards
Ch 22: Quality Assurance
This is the routine periodic eval...,
Qa evals must be performed how often,
Four requirements for a qa progra...
38  cards
Ch 23: Sonographers in the Clinical Setting
Four major principles of medical ...,
This means that the patient has t...,
Respect for autonomy is the basis of
28  cards
Ch 24: Bioeffects
This is a probe similar to a smal...,
T f hydrophones measure the press...,
What does a hydrophone measure
59  cards

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