unit 3/4 english

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This Boys Life: Chapter/Character/Theme Summaries
What is the significant of the ti...,
What events happen in fortune,
List the order of the chapters
43  cards
This Boys Life: Quotes
Foreshadowing quotes,
Quotes showing misfortune,
Quotes about optimism determination
32  cards
This Boys Life: Essay Tips and Additional Information
Compare chuck and toby,
Describe rosemary s past,
What is the significance of the w...
30  cards
Into The Wild: Chapter Summaries
Authors note,
What happens in chapter one the a...
28  cards
Language Analysis
What is analysis,
What are techniques,
What are the steps of analysis
61  cards
Stasiland: Quotes
Quotes describing east germany,
Quote srevealing things about funder,
Quotes showing how meticulous eas...
60  cards
Stasiland: Essay Tips And Additional Information
How do you structure an introduction,
How do you structure a paragraph,
How do you structure conclusions
13  cards
Stasiland: Theme Summaries
What are the themes in stasiland,
Examples of truth vs lies in stas...,
Examples of political ideology in...
24  cards
Stasiland: Chapter/Character Summaries
List the chapters in stasiland,
List the last 14 chapters in stas...,
What happens in chapter 1 berlin ...
47  cards
A Passage To India: Additional Information
What is imperialism,
What is colonialism,
What is the british ran and viceroy
51  cards
A Passage To India: Scene/Character/Theme Summaries
How many scenes are there,
What happens in scene 1,
What signifies the empire
39  cards
A Passage to India: Quotes
Aziz quotes,
Adela quotes,
Ronny quotes
10  cards

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unit 3/4 english

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