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Biochemistry- Molecular
Dna methylation
66  cards
Biochemistry- Celular
Cell cycle phases,
Tumor suppressors
30  cards
Biochemistry- Laboratory techniques
Polymerase chainreaction,
Southern blot,
Northern blot
13  cards
Biochemistry- Genetics
Variable expressivity,
48  cards
Biochemistry- Nutrition
Vitamins fat soluble,
B complex deficiencies often resu...,
Wich vitamins water soluble wash ...
45  cards
Biochemistry- Metabolism
Metabolism sitesmitochondria,
Metabolism sitescytoplasm glycolysis,
Metabolism sitesboth
93  cards
Immunology- Lymphoid structures and cellular components
Immune system organs1 organs,
Immune system organs2 organs,
Lymph nodefollicle
36  cards
Immunology- Immune responses
Antibody structureand function,
Generation of antibody diversity ...,
Generation of antibody specificit...
57  cards
Immunology- Immunosuppressants
Cyclosporine mechanism uses toxicity,
Tacrolimus fk506 mechanism toxicity,
Sirolimus rapamycin mechanism use...
27  cards
Microbiology- Basic Bacteriology
Pilus fimbria,
60  cards
Microbiology- Clinical Bacteriology (Gram +)
Gram positive lab algorithm,
Gram positive cocci antibiotic te...,
Gram positive cocci antibiotic te...
45  cards
Microbiology- Clinical Bacteriology (Gram -)
Gram negative lab algorithm,
Neisseria characteristics,
Gonococci characteristics clinica...
28  cards
Microbiology- Clinical Bacteriology (Others)
Spirochetes and stains,
Lyme disease vector and agent,
Stages of lyme disease
33  cards
Microbiology- Micology
Systemic mycoses,
Histoplasmosis endemic location p...,
Blastomycosis endemic location pa...
23  cards
Microbiology- Parasitology
Protozoa gastrointestinal infections,
Giardia lamblia disease transmiss...,
Entamoeba histolytica disease tra...
41  cards
Microbiology- Virology
Viral structure general features,
65  cards
Microbiology- Virology (HIV and Prions)
Hiv characteristics,
Hiv structural genes,
Hiv diagnosis
13  cards
Microbiology- Systems
Normal flora dominantskin nose or...,
Bugs causing foodborne illness,
Bloody diarrhea
45  cards
Microbiology- Antimicrobials
Antimicrobial therapy imagen,
Penicillin g v mechanism clinical...,
Penicillin g v adverse effects re...
43  cards
Microbiology- Antimicrobials (Micobacterium, HIV and Micosis)
Antifungal therapy imagen,
Amphotericin b mechanism adverse ...,
Amphotericin b clinical uses
52  cards
Pathology- Cellular injury
Cellular adaptations,
Cell injury reversible irreversible,
48  cards
Pathology- Neoplasia
Hallmarks of cancer,
Neoplastic progression,
Tumor nomenclature
39  cards
Pharmacology- Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Michaelis menten kinetics,
Effects of enzyme inhibition,
Lineweaver burk plot
21  cards
Pharmacology- Autonomic drugs
Acetylcholine receptorsnicotinic,
Acetylcholine receptorsmuscarinic,
G protein linked second messenger...
51  cards
Pharmacology- Toxicities and side effects
Specific toxicity treatments acet...,
Specific toxicity treatments bloc...,
Specific toxicity treatments hepa...
31  cards
Public Health Sciences
0  cards
Cardiovascular- Embryology and anatomy
Embryonic structure gives rise to...,
Embryonic structure gives rise to...,
Heart morphogenesis
25  cards
Cardiovascular- physiology
Co fick principle mean arterial p...,
Pulse pressure sv,
High pulse pressure in low pulse ...
40  cards
Cardiovascular- pathology
Congenital heart diseases right t...,
Congenital heart diseases persist...,
Congenital heart diseases d trans...
44  cards
Cardiovascular- pathology (2)
Dilated cardiomyopathy etiology,
Dilated cardiomyopathy findings t...,
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy
33  cards
Cardiovascular- Pharmacology
Hypertension treatment primary es...,
Hypertension treatment hypertensi...,
Hypertension treatment hypertensi...
38  cards
Endocrinology- Embriology, anatomy, Physiology
Thyroid development,
Thyroid developmentpathology,
Adrenal cortex and medulla derive...
43  cards
Endocrinology- Pathology
Cushing syndrome etiology,
Cushing syndrome clinical manifes...,
Cushing syndrome diagnosis
43  cards
Endocrinology- Pathology (2)
Diagnosing parathyroid disease,
Hypoparathyroidism etiology findings,
Pseudohypoparathyroidism type 1a
38  cards
Endocrinology- Pharmacology
Diabetes mellitus management type...,
Insulin preparations injectables ...,
Diabtes drugs injectables amylin ...
19  cards
Gastrointestinal- Embriology,
Normal gastrointestinal embryolog...,
Midgut development,
Ventral wall defects
17  cards
Gastrointestinal- anatomy
Retroperitoneal structures,
Important gastrointestinal ligaments,
Layers of gut wall
28  cards
Gastrointestinal- Physiology
0  cards
Gastrointestinal- Phatology
Salivary gland tumors
50  cards
Gastrointestinal- Phatology (2)
Acute mesenteric ischemia,
Chronic mesenteric ischemia,
Colonic ischemia
54  cards
Gastrointestinal- Pharmacology
Histamine 2 blockers names clinic...,
Proton pump inhibitors names clin...,
Antacids name and adverse effect
14  cards
Hematology and oncology- Anatomy and physioogy
Erythrocytes life span source of ...,
Thrombocytes platelets life span ...,
Leukocytes wbc differential count
29  cards
Hematology and oncology- Phatology
Acanthocytes spur cells,
Basophilic stippling,
Dacrocytes teardrop cells
49  cards
Hematology and oncology- Phatology (2)
Lead poisoning clinical features,
Acute intermittent porphyria etio...,
Acute intermittent porphyria symp...
51  cards
Hematology and oncology- Pharmacology
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia hit,
Heparin adverse effects antidote,
Direct thrombin inhibitors names ...
39  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue- Anatomy and Physiology
Arm abduction degree 0 15 15 100 ...,
Rotator cuff muscles,
Overuse injuries of the elbow med...
47  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue- Anatomy and Physiology (2)
Iliotibial band syndrome,
Medial tibial stress syndrome shi...,
Limb compartment syndrome definition
16  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue- Phatology
Osteoporosis definition diagnosis,
Osteoporosis occurs in treatment
28  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue- Phatology (2)
Systemic juvenile idiopathic arth...,
Sjogren syndrome ocurrs in findings,
Septic arthritis etiology present...
22  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue- Dermatology and pharmacology
Skin layers,
Epithelial cell junctions tight j...,
Epithelial cell junctions desmoso...
48  cards
Neurology- Embriology, anatomy and physiology
Neural tube defects phatophysiolo...,
Neural development notochord neur...,
Nervous systems origins neuroepit...
12  cards
Neurology- Neurophatology
Common brain lesions frontal lobe...,
Common brain lesions paramedian p...,
Common brain lesions dominant par...
49  cards
Neurology- Neurophatology (2)
Sturge weber syndrome encephalotr...,
Sturge weber syndrome encephalotr...,
Tuberous sclerosis genetics
41  cards
Neurology- Ophthalmology
Conjunctivitis allergic bacterial...,
Refractive errors hyperopia myopia,
Refractive errors astigmatism pre...
30  cards
Neurology- Pharmacology
Epilepsy drugs,
Eclampsia seizures 1st line treat...,
Seizures 1st line in neonates
49  cards
Psichiatry- Physiology
Classical conditioning,
Operant conditioning,
Operant conditioning reinforcement
28  cards
Psichiatry- Phatology (pag. 540)
0  cards
Psichiatry- Pharmacology
Preferred medications for selecte...,
Preferred medications for selecte...,
Preferred medications for selecte...
26  cards
Renal- Anatomy and embriology
Kidney embryology pronephros meso...,
Kidney embryology ureteric bud me...,
Potter sequence syndrome clinical...
13  cards
Renal- Physiology
Renal clearance,
Effective renal plasma flow erpf,
28  cards
Renal- Phatology
Casts in urine wbc casts fatty ca...,
Casts in urine granular muddy bro...,
Nomenclature of glomerular disord...
50  cards
Renal- Pharmacology
0  cards
Reproductive- Embryology
Important genes of embryogenesis ...,
Important genes of embryogenesis ...,
Important genes of embryogenesis ...
50  cards
Reproductive- Anatomy
0  cards
Reproductive- Physiology
Why is varicocele most common on ...,
Sertoli cells function,
Leydig cells function
27  cards
Reproductive- Phatology
Klinefelter syndrome genetica cli...,
Turner syndrome genetics clinical...,
Double y males genetics clinical ...
45  cards
Reproductive- Phatology (2)
Ovarian surface epithelium tumors...,
Ovarian surface epithelium tumors...,
Ovarian germ cell tumors benign m...
48  cards
Reproductive- Pharmacology
Control of reproductive hormones,
Leuprolide mechanism clinical use...,
Estrogens names clinical use
23  cards
Respiratory- Anatomy and embriology
Lung development,
Congenital lung malformations pul...,
Congenital lung malformations bro...
12  cards
Respiratory- Physiology (646)
0  cards
Respiratory- Phatology
Kiesselbach plexus
27  cards
Respiratory- Pharmacology
Histamine 1 blockers first genera...,
Histamine 1 blockers second gener...,
Guaifenesin clinical use and func...
12  cards
Respiratory- Phatology (2)
Sleep apnea,
Pulmonary hypertension,
Pulmonary hypertension types
19  cards

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