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Endocrine Drugs
Treatment strategy for type 2 dm,
Treatment strategy for type 1 dm,
Rapid acting insulin
57  cards
Psych Drugs
Rx for alcohol withdrawal,
Tx anxiety,
Tx for adhd
77  cards
Stuff You Missed
Risk factors for aspiration pneum...,
Ecf icf conditions loss of isoton...,
Ecf icf conditions ingestion of h...
450  cards
Neuro Drugs
Rx goal for glaucoma
1  cards
Sonic hedgehog gene,
Mutations in sonic hedgehog gene,
Wnt 7 gene
180  cards
Repro Drugs
Leuprolide mechanism,
Leuprolide clinical use,
For prostate cancer use continuou...
45  cards
139  cards
Pathology Images
Sx 59 yo japanese presents with r...,
Cavernous hemangioma,
Bite cells
7  cards
Stuff You Missed II
Three important metabolic pathway...,
Oxidative portion of hmp shunt,
Non oxidative portion of hmp shunt
608  cards
MSK Drugs
Two main pathways for arachidonic...,
Ltc4 ltd4 lte4
36  cards
GI Drugs
H2 blockers,
H2 blockers mechanism,
H2 blockers clinical use
37  cards
Mv auscultation,
Tv auscultation,
Tv auscultation
111  cards
Reticulocyte count,
Extramedullary hematopoiesis
146  cards
Heme/Onc Drugs
Heparin mechanism,
Heparin clinical use,
Heparin toxicity
105  cards
Microbiology - General Bacteriology, Gram Positive , Mycobacteria
What structures are unique to gra...,
What structures are unique to gra...,
113  cards
Microbiology - Gram Negative & Spirochetes
Penicillin and gram negative bugs,
N gonorroeae
54  cards
Microbiology - Zoonotic Bacteria
Bartonella spp,
Borrelia burgdoferi,
Borrelia recurrentis
41  cards
Microbiology - Mycology & Parasites
Systemic mycoses,
Treatment for systemic mycoses,
Systemic mycoses name them hint 4
84  cards
GI Stuff Missed
Primary billiary cirrhosis,
Budd chiari syndrome,
Elevated alkaline phosphotase of ...
151  cards
Renal Drugs
Drugs that act on pct,
Mannitol mechanism,
Mannitol clinical use
35  cards
Biostatitics - Review
Recall bias,
Referral bias,
Detection bias
78  cards
Repro-Stuff Missed
Infertility treatments for pcos p...,
Treatment of hirsuitism in pcos p...
40  cards
Cardio - Stuff Missed
How do ace inhibitors cause renal...,
Discuss ace inhibitors and aldost...,
Cyclooxygenase 2 cox 2
157  cards
Biochem - Stuff Missed
Hartnup disease,
Niacin vitamin b3,
Signs of riboflavin deficiency
34  cards
Heme/Onc - Stuff Missed
15  cards
Neuro - Stuff Missed
Tabes dorsalis,
Jc virus,
Histo changes in brain 12 48 hour...
159  cards
Endo - Stuff Missed
Side effect of thialidozines,
Side effect of metformin therapy,
47  cards
Renal - Stuff Missed
Renal handling of pah,
Renal handling of inulin,
Renal handling of sodium
14  cards
Respiratory - Stuff Missed
Major component of pulmonary surf...,
How to assess fetal lung maturity,
How to assess fetal neural tube d...
171  cards
Antimicrobial Drugs
Block cell wall synthesis by inhi...,
Block peptidoglycan synthesis,
Block nucleotide synthesis by inh...
170  cards
Immuno Drugs
Cyclosporine mechanism,
Cyclosporine use,
Cyclosporine toxicity
28  cards
Immuno-Stuff Missed
Increase in staph infections bact...,
Parvovirus b19
9  cards
Microbiology - Virology
Naked virus with icosahedral caps...,
Enveloped virus with icosahedral ...,
Enveloped virus with helical capsid
122  cards
Microbiology - Systems
Toxoplasmoa gonddi,
18  cards

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