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Verb To Dance
I dance,
You dance,
He dances
18  cards
To See (Past & Future)
0  cards
Verb To Fish
I fish,
You fish,
He fishes
18  cards
Verb To Hunt
I hunt,
You hunt,
He hunts
18  cards
Verb To Paint
I paint,
You paint,
He paints
18  cards
Verb To Play music
I play,
You play,
He plays
18  cards
Verb To Read
I read,
You read,
He reads
18  cards
Verb To Sing
I sing,
You sing,
He sings
18  cards
Verb To Swim
I swim,
You swim,
He swims
18  cards
Verb To Write
I write,
You write,
He writes
18  cards
Verb To Buy
I buy,
You buy,
He buys
31  cards
Verb To Inspect_Examine
I inspect examine,
You inspect examine,
He inspects examines
18  cards
Verb To Reduce
I reduce,
You reduce,
He reduces
18  cards
Verb To Sell
I sell,
You sell,
He sells
31  cards
Verb To do, to fix, to make
I do fix make,
You do fix make,
He does fixes makes
24  cards
Verb To Prepare
I prepare,
You prepare,
He prepares
18  cards
Verb To Spend Time_To Drive
I spend drive,
You spend drive,
He spends drives
18  cards
Unit 16 Verb to roast_fry
I roast fry,
You roast fry,
He roasts fries
18  cards
Verb To Continue
I continue,
You continue,
He continues
31  cards
Verb To Stop
I stop,
You stop,
He stops
31  cards
Verb To Turn
I turn,
You turn,
He turns
31  cards
Verb To Shorten
To shorten infinitive have one s ...,
I shorten,
You shorten
31  cards
Verb To Trim, Blow dry
To trim blow dry infinitive have ...,
I trim blowdry,
You trim blowdry
31  cards
Verb To Dye
To dye infinitive have one s hair...,
I dye,
You dye
31  cards
Verb To Cut (hair)
To cut infinitive have one s hair...,
I cut,
You cut
31  cards
Verb To Style, Comb (hair)
To style infinitive have one s ha...,
I style,
You style
31  cards
Verb To Congratulate
To congratulate infinitive,
I congratulate,
You congratulate
31  cards
Verb To Drink
To drink infinitive,
I drink,
You drink
31  cards
Verb To Eat
To eat infinitive,
I eat,
You eat
31  cards
Verb To Rest
To rest infinitive,
I rest,
You rest
31  cards
Verb To Set a table
To set a table infinitive,
I set a table,
You set a table
31  cards
Verb To Toast
To toast infinitive,
I toast,
You toast
31  cards
Verb To Change
To change infinitive,
I change,
You change
31  cards
Verb To Punish
To punish infinitive,
I punish,
You punish
31  cards
Verb To Take, Get, Receive
To take get receive infinitive,
I take get receive,
You take get receive
31  cards
Verb To Say, Tell
To say infinitive,
I say,
You say
31  cards
Verb To See
To see infinitive,
I see,
You see
31  cards
Verb To Build
To build infinitive,
I build,
You build
31  cards
Verb To Let Go, Release
To let go release infinitive,
I let go release,
You let go release
31  cards

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