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Intro to digestive system + Abdominal Cavity
What are the 3 major sections of ...,
What makes up the alimentary canal,
Gross anatomy
39  cards
Teeth & Tooth Development
Tooth surfaces,
Brachydont teeth,
Hypsodont teeth
4  cards
Salivary glands
How are secretory cells arranged,
Cells that are pyramidal in shape...,
Mucous acinus cells
17  cards
What is a gullet,
What is the function of the esoph...,
What is the structure
16  cards
The ruminant stomach(s)/rumen motility
What are some advantages to rumin...,
What are the three vfa produced,
What gas is produced
6  cards
muscles of mastication
Which muscle originates at the zy...,
Where does the massenter muscle i...,
What function does the massenter ...
24  cards
Gastric secretion & control
What two drugs act as suppressors...,
What is the more effective proton...,
What are some cytoprotective drugs
6  cards
Glandular stomach
What is margo plicatus what speci...
1  cards
Gastrointestinal Motility
What are the four basic functions...,
Which functions have the highest ...,
What is gastric filling and how c...
17  cards
Lecture 13/14
Failed fusion during embryogenesis,
What are some common dental diseases
30  cards
What are the drugs that inhibit v...,
What drug class targets both the ...,
What drug class antagonizes dopam...
9  cards
Comparative Intestines
How many duodenal papillae and pa...,
Where are peyers patches largest ...,
Which is more muscular the jejunu...
34  cards
Dog and Cat intestines
What is the most convoluted part ...,
What ends at the ileocaecocolic j...,
What are the three major supporti...
12  cards
Pancreatic and Biliary secretion
What type of secretory glands are...,
What is produced from acinar cells,
What are produced from centro aci...
23  cards
Diseases of the Forestomach
What determines the development a...,
What is the reference range for t...,
What is the significance of adher...
18  cards
L 23 - Digestion and Absorption
What are the two types of villus ...,
What are the three crypt cell types,
What is the histological differen...
21  cards
L 24 - Bacteria in Digestion
What role do bacteria play in dig...,
How do bacteria contribute to dig...,
What 2 crucial roles to bacteria ...
27  cards
L 24 - Development of the mouth and GIT in Embryo
What are coeloms,
What are the three coeloms in an ...,
What is the allantois
28  cards
L 27 - Diarrhoea
What does dysentery mean,
What are the causes of diarrhoea,
What is typhilitis
10  cards
L 28 - The Mucosal Barrier
What are the two structural eleme...,
What do many pathogens do once th...
2  cards

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