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Fluid Therapy
Define hypovolaemia,
Define dehydration,
What is the other term for shock
28  cards
Define pain,
Define nociception,
Define nociceptive pain
47  cards
Define pharmacokinetics and pharm...,
What are the four main targets fo...,
Define ligand
22  cards
What are the 5 classes of drugs u...,
What are the names of the license...,
List some key facts about aceprom...
22  cards
What occurs in the pre op phase o...,
What happens in the induction pha...,
What happens in the maintenance p...
84  cards
Define shock,
What are the four types of circul...,
Describe hypovolaemic shock
12  cards
Breathing Systems
Define dead space,
Define tidal volume,
Define minute volume
22  cards
Theatre Practice
What 4 main factors may contribut...,
What theatre space considerations,
How do we monitor efficacy in hea...
11  cards
Emergencies in Anaesthesia
What is normal spo2 in anaestheti...,
If spo2 drops and patient is intu...,
What causes a potentially difficu...
15  cards
Urinary System Diseases
Define azotemia and uraemia,
What is pyelonephritis,
What methods can we use to collec...
74  cards
What are the 5 domains of the rec...,
What does cpcr stand for,
How do we identify cardiopulmonar...
10  cards
Equine Anaesthesia
What checks should we carry out b...,
What effects can acepromazine hav...,
What effects can alpha2 adrenorec...
18  cards
Exotics Anaesthesia
What differences of exotics in ge...,
What species specific concerns mi...,
What special considerations shoul...
9  cards
Equine Castration
When do we castrate horses,
How do we choose between open or ...,
How do we decide between field an...
14  cards
Urinary Catheters
Why do we catheterise a patient,
What alternatives do we have for ...,
Name the four types of urinary ca...
13  cards
Radiation Safety
What are the effects of ionising ...,
List the three sources of radiati...,
How can we reduce scatter radiation
9  cards
X-ray Imaging
What three specifications affect ...,
Why is it important to turn off a...,
How does kv affect x rays produced
79  cards
Ultrasound Imaging
What is the typical frequency of ...,
How do sound waves differ from x ...,
How are ultrasounds produced and ...
20  cards
Wound Management
How do we class the age of a wound,
How do we classify contamination ...,
What are the 5 types of wounds
24  cards
Minor Surgical Conditions
Define abscess,
What are the signs on an abscess,
How do we treat an abscess
31  cards
Advanced Imaging Techniques
What are the uses of ct imaging,
What are the advantages of ct ima...,
What are the disadvantages of ct ...
7  cards
Feline Infectious Disease
Define zoonosis,
Define reverse zoonosis,
Define community acquired disease
106  cards
How do we go about diagnosing der...,
What diagnostic techniques are th...,
How do we diagnose dermatophytosis
24  cards
Canine Infectious Disease
Describe canine parvovirus cpv2,
What is the signalment for cpv,
What are the clinical signs of cpv
55  cards
Define serology,
Define titre,
Describe infectious vaccines
18  cards
Imported Infectious Diseases
What do all pets need before entr...,
What are the rabies requirements ...,
What are the tapeworm requirement...
24  cards
Cardiovascular Disease
What are the normal heart rates f...,
What are the main types of cardia...,
Give examples of congenital cardi...
47  cards
Basic Equine Health Care
How should a healthy horse behave,
What does dude stand for in regar...,
Describe healthy defecation
28  cards
Surgical Respiratory Diseases
What are the features of brachyce...,
Describe narrow nares in boas,
Describe laryngeal collapse in boas
34  cards
Diseases of the Respiratory System
What are some common causes of re...,
What are the general signs of res...,
How can we administer oxygen to c...
80  cards
Equine Respiratory Disease
What history do we need about a h...,
What should we check in a physica...,
How can we auscultate a horse usi...
61  cards
Stable Management
What are the two main types of st...,
Describe looseboxes,
Describe american barns
20  cards
GI Medicine
What are the clinical signs of or...,
How do we investigate oral disease,
What can cause oropharyngeal disease
110  cards
Clinical Nutrition
What are six basic classes of nut...,
Describe vitamins and their impor...,
What are the macrominerals
49  cards
Gastrointestinal Surgery
Define otomy,
Define ostomy,
Define oscopy
21  cards
Equine Gastrointestinal Disease
What is colic,
What are the signs of colic,
What should we clinically examine...
88  cards
GI Post-Op Nursing
What are the possible immediate p...,
What are the possible long term p...,
Describe skin cutaneous dehiscence
26  cards
How can we classify seizures depe...,
What are the two types of seizure,
Describe partial focal seizures
108  cards
Exotic Practice
How do we carry out exotic consul...,
How do we handle exotics at recep...,
How would we advise owners to tra...
21  cards
Nursing Rabbits
How do we initially assess rabbits,
What hospitalisation facilities s...,
How can we sample blood from rabbits
24  cards
Nursing Fish
How do we anaesthetise a fish,
What diagnostic tests can we run ...,
How can give a fish medications
7  cards
Nursing Amphibians/Invertebrates
What are the basic husbandry need...,
What common problems can we see w...,
What common problems can we see w...
3  cards
Surgical Nursing of Small Mammals
How do we carry out a pre op asse...,
How do we prep for surgery,
What support can we provide durin...
14  cards
When should we suspect intoxication,
How do we phone triage suspected ...,
What instructions should we give ...
47  cards
Who is most at risk of cardiac ar...,
Describe respiratory arrest,
Describe cardiac arrest cardiopul...
14  cards
Surgical Nursing of Reptiles
How do we carry out a pre op asse...,
How can we support reptiles under ga,
How can we monitor reptiles under...
11  cards
Blood Transfusions
Describe fresh whole blood,
Describe stored whole blood,
Describe packed rbcs
29  cards
Nursing Reptiles
What anatomy physiology is import...,
What parameters can we monitor in...,
What is the single most important...
15  cards
Nursing Small Rodents
What are the two main groups of d...,
What parameters can we monitor in...,
What considerations should we hav...
25  cards
ICU Nursing
Which patients require critical c...,
How do we carry out a primary triage,
How do we communicate with owners...
78  cards
Fracture Patients
How can we non surgically manage ...,
What are the advantages of non su...,
What are some disadvantages of no...
61  cards
Equine Lameness
What background history should we...,
What specific history should we c...,
What are the aims of the initial ...
50  cards
What is the aetiology of feline h...,
What are some potential causes of...,
What are some risk factors for de...
143  cards
Describe periodontal disease,
Describe plaque,
Describe calculus
28  cards
Hips and Stifles
Describe how hip dysplasia occurs,
What is the typical signalment fo...,
What are the gait related clinica...
41  cards
Nursing Birds
What are the basics of parrot hus...,
Why are seed based diets inapprop...,
What can calcium vitamin d defici...
61  cards
Surgical Conditions of the Eye
What are some clinical signs of o...,
What is the purpose of topical lu...,
What is the purpose of topical my...
31  cards
Equine Metabolic/Endocrine Disease
What is equine polydipsia defined as,
What is the typical signalment fo...,
What is the mechanism of ppid
24  cards
Surgical Conditions of the Ear
What conditions can affect the pi...,
Who is most at risk of developing...,
What is otitis externa
17  cards
Equine Reproduction
Describe the mare s oestrus cycle,
When do we begin trying to mate c...,
What reproductive health checks s...
29  cards
What 6 features are necessary for...,
How does alteration in genes caus...,
Define neoplasia neoplasm
86  cards
Equine Urinary Tract Disorders
What specific history should we t...,
What specific physical examinatio...,
What are we looking for on haemat...
38  cards
Foal Nursing
How do we carry out a clinical ex...,
What other considerations should ...,
How do we feed a foal that is abl...
44  cards
When should we spay bitches,
When should we castrate dogs,
When should we spay cats
32  cards
Clinical Genetics
Describe the mdr1 gene mutation,
Describe the cytochrome p450 muta...,
What cat breeds are more likely t...
13  cards

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