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Introduction to Professional veterinary nursing responsibilities
Name some members of a typical ve...,
When was the first animal nursing...,
When was the title of veterinary ...
26  cards
General Definitions
Define fenestrated,
Define pleural effusion,
Define pleura
8  cards
Health and Safety
What types of animals can legisla...,
What are the veterinary medicines...,
What year were the veterinary med...
133  cards
The Roles of Animals in the UK and Welfare Legislation
Name some of the roles that anima...,
Define anthropomorphism,
Why is anthropomorphism relevant ...
58  cards
The Professional Framework of Veterinary Nursing and other roles and employment rights
What is the rcvs,
What happens in self regulated pr...,
What happens in independently reg...
101  cards
Consent, euthanasia and other professional duties
What are the 5 principles of vete...,
Define the duty of care,
Define slander
49  cards
Schedule 3 and the Code of Conduct
What is the vet s professional code,
What are the requirements for a v...,
Define indemnity
37  cards
Applying ethical principles to veterinary nursing
Define ethics,
What are the important different ...,
What are some examples of ethical...
28  cards
Veterinary business and communication
What is the rcvs practice standar...,
How often is a practice inspected...,
How many uk practices are part of...
57  cards
The personal and professional role of the RVN - EBVN
What are some factors in the work...,
Define compassion fatigue,
What are some signs of compassion...
36  cards

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