wastewater treatment basic operations

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What were the benefits of the cle...,
Why treat wastewater,
Total solids
19  cards
Preliminary Treatment
Purpose of preliminary treatment,
Negative consequences of not scre...,
Flow measuring device types
26  cards
Primary Treatment
Purpose of clarifiers,
Purpose of influent baffles,
Purpose of effluent weirs
25  cards
Biology Of Secondary Treatment
What is a trickling filter,
Trickling filter bod removal,
What is a rotating biological con...
36  cards
Fixed Film Secondary Treatment
What is a rotating biological con...,
Components of an rbc,
Why are rbcs almost always preced...
64  cards
Suspended Media Biological Treatment
What is the activated sludge process,
Basic components of activated slu...,
What is mlss
22  cards
What are the different types of f...
1  cards
Nutrient Removal
Why remove nitrogen,
Treatment methods for nutrient re...,
What is nitrification
22  cards
What are the primary causes of od...,
In order of preference what molec...,
What is hydrogen sulfide
7  cards
What are the three typical forms ...,
What are some examples of disease...,
What is disinfection
31  cards
Secondary Clarification
What is the difference in needs d...,
What are appropriate detention ti...,
Is a low solids loading rate or h...
5  cards
Solids Handling
Why do we handle solids,
What are the properties of primar...,
What are the properties of second...
19  cards
What are the components of epa re...,
Preservation of ammonia samples
14  cards
Effluent Disposal
What are the means of effluent di...,
Why dispose of effluent onto land...
2  cards
Sludge Digestion
What is the purpose of sludge dig...,
What are the byproducts of anaero...,
How do you ensure good sludge dig...
23  cards
Blowers And Pumps
What is the purpose of a blower p...,
What are the different categories...,
Describe positive displacement bl...
9  cards

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wastewater treatment basic operations

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